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November 2016 EuChemS Newsletter

Some of the highlights are:

  • ECC6 in Seville
  • EuChemS General Assembly
  • EuChemS-ACS MoU
  • Seville Declaration on Chemical Weapons

September 2016 EuChemS Newsletter

Open Science; Antimicrobial Resistance; Mission to Chile

May 2016 EuChemS Newsletter

Shadowing an MEP; Invitation to ECC6 in Seville; EYCN at ECC6

February 2016 EuChemS Newsletter

EuChemS General Assembly; Interview with EUCYS EuChemS Award; EuChemS Executive Board: Meet the Members

November 2015 EuChemS Newsletter

Countdown to ‪6ECC‬; EuChemS meets ACS in Boston; EuChemS Executive Board: Meet the Members

September 2015 EuChemS Newsletter

Remembering first victims of chemical weapons; Policy news; EuChemS-ECTN MoU; IUPAC distinguished women

April 2015 EuChemS Newsletter

EuChemS´ strategic planning; EuChemS-ECTN closer cooperation; Chemistry for the Future of Europe; Solar-Driven Chemistry; Updates on EuChemS Congress 2016

February 2015 EuChemS Newsletter

President´s letter “Europe Should be a Chemical Free Zone”; Highlights from EuChemS General Assembly 2014; EuChemS Lecture Award 2014; Policy Updates

November 2014 EuChemS Newsletter

5th EuChemS Chemistry Congress (5ECC) in Istanbul; Interview with Prof Helena Grennberg, chair of the 5ECC scientific committee; EYCN activities in Istanbul

September 2014 EuChemS Newsletter

EuChemS – JRC joint activities; European employment survey for chemists and chemical engineers successfully completed; Expo 2015; EuChemS annual report.

May 2014 EuChemS Newsletter

EuChemS – STOA Workshop on Energy Storage; Important updates on the 5th EuChemS Chemistry Congress in Istanbul; EuChemS contribution to the public consultation on the sustainable use of phosphorus; EuChemS General Assembly adopted new Constitution; Calls for EuChemS Lecture and Award for Service 2014.

February 2014 EuChemS Newsletter

EuChemS Chemistry Congress 2014; EuChemS General Assembly 2013 in Budapest;David Cole-Hamilton is new EuChemS President Elect;Policy news.

November 2013 EuChemS Newsletter

Themes of the EuChemS Chemistry Congress 2014; More mobility: Electronic professional card on its way; European employment survey starts; Euroanalysis 2013 in Warsaw; ICCE 2013 in Barcelona

September 2013 EuChemS Newsletter

Budapest: EuChemS meetings and Energy conference; Introducing scientific committee for Istanbul Congress; Report an organic electronics; New board of European Young Chemists Network; SusChem stakeholder meeting.

May 2013 EuChemS Newsletter

EuChemS supports employment survey of European chemists; Annual meeting of young chemists in St. Petersburg: EuChemS vacancies; Call for nominations for Lecture Award 2013; 3rd European Energy Conference

February 2013 EuChemS Newsletter

General assembly in Dublin 2012; EuChemS and social media; EuChemS Award for Service to Hans-Joachim Freund; Ilan Marek elected as chair of Organic Division; Division of Analytical Chemistry: tribute to Yuri Zolotov

November 2012 EuChemS Newsletter

Succesful 4th EuChemS Chemistry Congress in Prague; Career Days in Prague; SCF awarded bi-national prizes; BioNMR at its best in Italy; Green chemistry in Venezia; New chairs of Divisions/Working Parties

September 2012 EuChemS Newsletter

Loving challenges: Helena Grennberg is scientific chair for 5th ECC in Istanbul; Shining a light on solar fuels; Marc Taillefer wins European Sustainable Chemistry Award; Award for Service: José Empis; Chemistry for a better life; European Young Chemists Network with a new structure.

May 2012 EuChemS Newsletter

Let’s meet in Prague; The International year of chemistry continues in France; News from and for European young chemists; Sweden’s short IYC videos; EuChemS contribution to the European Research Area; Events 2012.

February 2012 EuChemS Newsletter

General Assembly 2011 in Belgrade; Evelyn McEwan receives EuChemS Award; Euroanalysis 2011 in Belgrade; Environmental chemistry: ICCE 2011 in Zurich; Roadmap for chemical sciences; Chemistry for life sciences; Safety of nanomaterials; Career Days 2012 in Prague; EuChemS promotes the European Chemist designation; Chemistry for a better life; Events 2012, 2014.

November 2011 EuChemS Newsletter

EuChemS has a new Secretary General: Nineta Majcen; Exchange programme: Young chemists crossing borders; Japan and Germany cooperate; First National Chemistry Congress launched in Hungary; GDCh award winners; Alfredo Sanz Medel gave EuChemS Lecture in Belgrad; First female GDCh President: Barbara Albert; IUPAC General assembly; First female HCS President: Livia Simon Sarkadi; New EuChemS website; EuroFoodChem conference took place in Poland; Young Investigators Workshop; In Vino Analytica Scientia; Events 2012.

September 2011 EuChemS Newsletter

Policy Development Group visits Brussels; Chemistry for green solutions;  New website: Slovak Chemical Society cooperates with BASF; The EurChem qualification; Distinguished women chemists and chemical engineers; Special issue: Chlorine-free synthesis for green chemistry; First female RSC President: Lesley Yellowlees

May 2011 EuChemS Newsletter

Launch of IYC 2011 in Paris; Roadmap for Chemical Sciences; EuChemS Networking breakfast ‘Women sharing a chemical moment’ with MEPs Edit Herczog (Hungary), Maria da Graça Carvalho (Portugal) and Britta Thomsen (Denmark); How European young chemists promote chemistry; EuChemS identify key areas in European research; Measurement science summer school in Poland.

February 2011 EuChemS Newsletter

General Assembly 2010 in Bled; Ulrich Schubert, new President of EuChemS; FP7 evaluation: EuChemS response; Young Investigator’s workshop; Conference on women chemists; Division of Computational Chemistry activities; First graduates of Euromaster in Measurement Science; EuChemS views on chemicals industry

November 2010 EuChemS Newsletter

EuChemS Congress in Nürnberg: Building on success; Matthias Beller presented with the first European Sustainable Chemistry Award; Micheal Grätzel gives the EuChemS Lecture; Chemical Organisations issue calendar for IYC 2011

September 2010 EuChemS Newsletter

The European Research Council: From Programme to institution; New EuChemS Executive Board meet in Brussels; Catherine Feore: EuChemS New Policy Development Manager; Matthias Beller wins the first European Sustainable Chemistry Award; New Working Party on solid state chemistry; CLP implementation and Reach: Europe can benefit from EuChemS competence; Science against poverty conference at La Granja, nr. Segovia

SPECIAL EDITION – EuChemS Newsletter to mark the occasion of the 3rd EuChemS Chemistry Congress in Nürnberg

See you soon in Nürnberg! – an invitation from Luis Oro, EuChemS President; Key speakers; Career days; Awards; Sponsors … and more

May 2010 EuChemS Newsletter

Nürnberg: Why your presence is so important; “Eastern Europe in the focus”; New ERC President; EYCN Delegate Assembly; Congratulations to Hungary; New European Education Network Conferences on Computational Chemistry and Pigments in Food; 50th anniversary of Nobel Prize for polarography

February 2010 EuChemS Newsletter

EuChemS GA in Interlaken; New EuChemS Executive members; Euroanalysis 2009 in Innsbruck; The Federation of African Societies of Chemistry; Portrait, Polish Chemical Society; RSC-GDCh Lecture; Nürnberg, call for papers; Sustainable Chemistry Award, applications invited

November 2009 EuChemS Newsletter

Joint Programming – a EuChemS view; Working Party on the History of Chemistry: new Chair; Revaitalized Working Party on Chemistry for Cultural Heritage; Applications invited for the Sustainable Chemistry Award; EYCN Delegates Assembly 2010 in Switzerland; Chemistry Congress 2010: EuChemS in the movies; Euroean Energy Conference in Barcelona 2010

September 2009 EuChemS Newsletter

EuChemS future strategy; Centenary of the Italian Chemical Society; New EYCN Steering group; Achema 2009 generates optimism; Sustainable Chemistry Award; Global Helsinki Chemicals Forum; News for analytical chemists; Hubert Mandery appointed as Cefic Director General

May 2009 EuChemS Newsletter

International Year of Chemistry 2011; “European Chemist” designation awarded by EuChemS ECRB; Global challenges – RSC Roadmap; Bologna process update; EuChemS and EPS to jointly organise the European Energy Conference in 2010; Euroanalysis 2009; Portrait: Div of Nuclear and Radiochemistry

February 2009 EuChemS Newsletter

General Assembly Norway; Science on Stage: Spectacular science lessons; Jiri Barek gives the Heyrovsky-IlLkovic-Nernst Lecture; EuChemS ICCE 2009; History of Chemistry Conference

November 2008 EuChemS Newsletter

Luis Oro, the new EuChemS President on Creating a European identity among chemical societies; Promoting EuChemS in Brussels; Chemistry as global science: the 2nd EuChemS Congress

September 2008 EuChemS Newsletter

Eurobachelor and Euromaster: the end of the beginning; Young Chemists celebrate first anniversary; New Working Party on Green and Sustainable Chemistry; EuChemS visited European Commission; Portrait: the Catalan Society of Chemistry

May 2008 EuChemS Newsletter

Chemists meet in Torino; EUROCORES for chemists; New Reports on European research; More chemistry in energy supply; RSC supports EuChemS Networking for society members

January 2008 EuChemS Newsletter

EuChemS General Assembly in Frankfurt

October 2007 EuChemS Newsletter

Young Chemists’ gateway to Europe

May 2007 EuChemS Newsletter

Sustainable Chemistry in Action

January 2007 EuChemS Newsletter

The Energy Challenge

October 2006 EuChemS Newsletter

“A dream come true..”

May 2006 EuChemS Newsletter

Dear Readers, EuChemS first newsletter