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Welcome to the newly established Division of Glycoscience, launched in January 2024. We are currently in the process of putting together our committee. For more information on the available committee roles please see our Governance page.

Mission statement

The Division of Glycoscience aims to become a network of societies and their scientists working in Glycoscience throughout Europe with close links to related organisations all over the world. We will support and promote excellence in Glycoscience across academia and industry and, through our activities, will strengthen European structures in Glycoscience. We will provide a voice for this highly interdisciplinary field for the coordination of EU level activities in lobbying and policy making. We aim to take a leading role with respect to education and training in Glycosciences, developing free to access virtual training in the Glycoscience with the aim of mainstreaming Glycoscience education in Europe and globally. We are particularly committed to supporting emerging glycoscientists and promoting diversity and inclusion across the field. Using professional networking opportunities we continue to encourage the interdisciplinary collaboration necessary for our discipline to thrive.

Sponsorship Opportunities

The Division of Glycoscience will begin a sponsorship campaign later this year to secure long term sponsorship to support its activities, if your company is interested in discussing sponsorship opportunities please contact .

National Glycoscience Organisations and Groups

Royal Society of Chemistry Carbohydrate Interest Group


Austrian Carbohydrate Network

Portuguese Carbohydrate Group GlUPOR

Carbohydrate Group of the Spanish Royal Society of Chemistry

International Glycoscience Organisations and Groups

European Glycoscience Community – focuses on the promotion of Early Career Researchers through their year round webinar series

European Carbohydrate Organisation

International Carbohydrate Organisation

International Carbohydrate Quality Consortium

Society for Glycobiology

Australian Glycoscience Society

Human Glycome Project

Canadian Glycomics Network GlycoNet

American Chemical Society – Division of Carbohydrate Chemistry & Chemical Glycobiology

Glycoforum Japan

Asian Community of Glycoscience and Glycotechnology

If you would like to add your group to the list of Glycoscience Organisations please contact the Web Editor Aisling Ní Cheallaigh at