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We encourage organizers of conferences related to chemical sciences to apply for EuChemS Recognition of Event. Once your event is recognized, you will be able to use EuChemS logo. We will add the event to the EuChemS Events Calendar and we will share the event on all our social media channels.

Before applying for EuChemS Recognition of Event, please read carefully the conditions for application below.
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  1. Aim

EuChemS encourages conferences that discuss the chemical sciences and their applications.

EuChemS allows the recognised events to use the EuChemS logo at no fee.

EuChemS provides publicity for recognised events, through the EuChemS website, the EuChemS Newsletter, e-mail alerts and social networks to EuChemS member organisations and to other interested parties.

Note: EuChemS is not responsible for any financial surplus or losses associated with the recognised event.

  1. Eligibility

The following can organise EuChemS recognised events:

  1. A EuChemS Member Society
  2. A EuChemS Division or Working Party, including the EYCN
  3. The EuChemS Executive Board
  4. A non-member Organisation.

  1. Conditions

The organisers declare and carry responsibility that their EuChemS recognised event meets the following conditions:

  1. It is a high-quality event.
  2. It has an impact on the appropriate community and becomes a valuable vehicle for developing contacts and networks among chemists, other scientists and/or policy makers.
  3. It provides publicity for EuChemS, such as placing the EuChemS logo on the conference web site and on other publications, presenting a slide at the opening of a conference and on other appropriate occasions, adding a page on EuChemS in the book of abstracts and it allows EuChemS to distribute promotional material at the venue of the conference.
  4. If the event is a national congress of a member organisation, it should make an effort to promote EuChemS at the meeting, ensure one EuChemS or other European element, such as for a panel meeting on a European issue, a EuChemS speaker, or a EuChemS poster prize.
  5. It promotes involvement of scientists from a broad range of European countries (not required if the event is a national congress).
  6. It is held in a European country. In case the organisers prefer to choose a venue outside Europe, they will need to receive approval of the Executive Board.
  7. It ensures that inclusion and diversity issues are taken into account regarding organising committee, speakers, language, and imagery used.

  1. Recognition application process

The event organiser shall submit to the EuChemS Secretariat the corresponding application form well in advance.

  1. For a member society event, the “application for recognition” should be signed of by the President or General Secretary of the member society in the country where the event will be held.
  2. For a EuChemS Division/WP/EYCN event, the “application for recognition” should be signed or submitted by the Chair/President of the corresponding Divisions/WP/EYCN.
  3. For a EuChemS executive level event, the event shall be registered by the EuChemS Secretariat when the Executive Board takes a decision.
  4. For a non-member organization, the application for recognition must be signed by a representative (President/Secretary General) of the organizing body and co-signed by the President or General Secretary of the member society in the country where the meeting will be held, or by the Chair/President of a co-arranging Division/WP/EYCN. The application shall be submitted for approval to the Executive Board.

An event will be registered by the EuChemS Secretariat, following the above procedure, and when fulfilling the criteria, a unique EuChemS event number will be assigned to it.

The conference organiser commits to provide a one-page report (press release) to the EuChemS Secretariat as soon as possible but no later than four weeks after the event.

updated in April 2022

approved by the Executive Board (2202/23), February 2022

approved in March 2019

approved by the Executive Board (Forum), November 2012