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To be a forum for scientific discussion in all fields of chemistry related to energy applications.


  • To organize conferences and workshops on energy-related topics in cooperation with other scientific, industrial and political stakeholders
  • To promote initiatives at the scientific, technical and political level to advocate the leading role of chemistry in contemporary energy research.
  • To support activities, organize platforms, enhance funding, promote networking, sustain education related to chemistry and energy in Europe.


– Aline Auroux, French Chemical Society, CNRS-IRCELYON



– Philipp Adelhelm, German Chemical Society
– Noam Adir, Israel Chemical Society
Nicola Armaroli, CNR – The Italian National Research Council
Heintz Berke, Swiss Chemical Society
Ana Maria Charas, Portuguese Chemical Society
Diana Fernandes, Portuguese Electrochemical Society
– Anastasios Kampolis, Association of Greek Chemists
– Günther Knör, Austrian Chemical Society
Epameinondas LeontidisPancyprian Union of Chemists
Jordi Llorca, Catalan Chemical Society
– Mehmet Mahramanlioglu, Turkish Chemical Society
– Jorge Morgado, Portoguese Chemical Society
Guido Mul
Royal Netherlands Chemical Society
– Tomaso Munari, Italian National Council of Chemists
– József Sándor Pap, Hungarian Chemical Society
Igor Pašti, Serbian Chemical Society
Maurizio Peruzzini, Italian Chemical Society
Andrew Phillips, Institute of Chemistry of Ireland
Michael Pohorely, Czech Chemical Society
Teofilo Rojo, Royal Spanish Society of Chemistry
Sandra Rondinini, Italian Chemical Society
– Momo Safari, Royal Flemish Chemical Society (KVCV)
Anca Silvestru, Romanian Chemical Society
Nils Skoglund, Swedish Chemical Society
Robert Slade, Royal Society of Chemistry (UK)
Hervé Toulhoat, French Chemical Society