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To be a forum for scientific discussion in all fields of chemistry related to energy applications.


  • To organize conferences and workshops on energy-related topics in cooperation with other scientific, industrial and political stakeholders
  • To promote initiatives at the scientific, technical and political level to advocate the leading role of chemistry in contemporary energy research.
  • To support activities, organize platforms, enhance funding, promote networking, sustain education related to chemistry and energy in Europe.


– Aline Auroux, French Chemical Society, CNRS-IRCELYON



Philipp Adelhelm, German Chemical Society
– Noam Adir, Israel Chemical Society
Nicola Armaroli, CNR – The Italian National Research Council
Heintz Berke, Swiss Chemical Society
– Ana Maria Charas, Portuguese Chemical Society
– Anastasios Kampolis, Association of Greek Chemists
– Günther Knör, Austrian Chemical Society
Epameinondas LeontidisPancyprian Union of Chemists
Jordi Llorca, Catalan Chemical Society
– Mehmet Mahramanlioglu, Turkish Chemical Society
– Jorge Morgado, Portoguese Chemical Society
Guido Mul
Royal Netherlands Chemical Society
– Tomaso Munari, Italian National Council of Chemists
– József Sándor Pap, Hungarian Chemical Society
– Igor Pašti, Serbian Chemical Society
Maurizio Peruzzini, Italian Chemical Society
– Andrew Phillips, Institute of Chemistry of Ireland
Michael Pohorely, Czech Chemical Society
Teofilo Rojo, Royal Spanish Society of Chemistry
Sandra Rondinini, Italian Chemical Society
– Momo Safari, Royal Flemish Chemical Society (KVCV)
– Anca Silvestru, Romanian Chemical Society
Nils Skoglund, Swedish Chemical Society
Robert Slade, Royal Society of Chemistry (UK)
Hervé Toulhoat, French Chemical Society