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EuChemS Year Books

EuChemS Year Books are the perfect solution for consulting at a glance the main activities of EuChemS, including its Divisions and Working Parties.


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[gdlr_tab title=”Year Book 2020″]

Read the EuChemS Year Book 2020 online:

The PDF version is available for download here: EuChemS Year Book 2020!


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EuChemS Year Book 2019


[gdlr_tab title=”Year Book 2018″]

EuChemS Year Book 2018


[gdlr_tab title=”Year Book 2017″]

EuChemS Year Book 2017


[gdlr_tab title=”Year Book 2016″]

EuChemS Year Book 2016


[gdlr_tab title=”Year Book 2015″]
EuChemS Year Book 2015

[gdlr_tab title=”Year Book 2014″]

EuChemS Yearbook 2014

[gdlr_tab title=”Year Book 2013″]

EuChemS Yearbook 2013