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The EuChemS Division of Organic Chemistry aims to promote the activity of Organic Chemists of all the member Societies working in the multiple fields of our discipline. We support and promote excellence in fundamental and applied Organic Chemistry in academic and research institutions, in industry, in professional activities and teaching. We encourage outreach for the recognition of the important role of our discipline for a sustainable economy and society of the future. We defend diversity in all its forms in our scientific and professional community, and we are particularly committed to support emerging brilliant young organic chemists in Europe and out of Europe, creating scientific and professional networking for the progress of our discipline and for interdisciplinary contamination.

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Highlighting Organic Chemistry in Finland – Friday 9 September

Details will follow.

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Highlighting Organic Chemistry in Italy – Friday 25 March 13:00-17:30 GMT / 14:00 – 18:00 CET

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