Division of Chemical Education

The EuChemS Division of Chemical Education has two goals:

  1. to look for new activities to promote chemical education research and practice in Europe;
  2. to improve the dissemination of information between countries.
    List of delegates


Dr. Rachel Mamlok-Naaman, Israel Chemical Society,
EuChemS DivCEd Chair


Prof. Iztok Devetak, Slovenian Chemical Society,
EuChemS DivCEd Vice Chair for Eastern Europe


Dr. Karolina Broman, Swedish Chemical Society,
EuChemS DivCEd co-Vice Chair for Western Europe


Prof. Odilla Finlayson, School of Chemistry, Dublin City University,
EuChemS DivCEd Secretary


Antonella Rossi, Società Chimica Italia

Prof. Antonella Rossi, Società Chimica Italiana,
EuChemS DivCEd Treasurer