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Division of Inorganic Chemistry

Mission of the Division of Inorganic Chemistry

The EuChemS Division of Inorganic Chemistry mission is to integrate and coordinate European activities in the field of inorganic chemistry regarding scientific and educational initiatives including conferences, workshops and exchange programs.
The EuChemS Division of Inorganic Chemistry is active in the field of intense scientific exchange on a European scale by co-organizing annual EuChemS Inorganic Chemistry Conference. The location of these meetings is distributed among the active members and member societies.

The EuChemS Division of Inorganic Chemistry aims to identify major challenges in inorganic chemistry and to participate in the discussion on future funding strategies.


Steering Committee

Prof. Anna M. Trzeciak, University of Wrocław, Polish Chemical Society (Poland) (Chair of Division) research website

Prof. Yulia Gorbunova, Russian Chemical Society (Russia)

Dr. Konrad Herbst, Danish Chemical Society (Denmark) (secretary of Division)


Prof. Karl Kirchner, Gesellschaft Osterreichischer Chemiker (Austria) research website

Prof. Rik Van Deun, Koninkijke Vlaamse Chemische Vereniging (Belgium) research website

Prof. Olivia Reinaud, Université Paris Descartes (France) research website

Prof. Claudia Wickleder, Gesellschaft Deutcher Chemiker (Germany) research website

Prof. Eleni Efthimiadou, Association of Greek Chemists (Greece)

Prof. Laszlo Nyulaszi, Hungarian Chemical Society (Hungary)

Prof. Dan Meyerstein, Israel Chemical Society (Israel)

Prof. Roberto Gobetto, Italian Chemical Society (Italy)

Prof. Elisabeth Bouwman, Royal Netherlands Chemical Society (Netherlands) research website

Prof. Ana M. Martins, Portugese Chemical Society (Portugal)

Prof. Sanja Grguric Sipka, Serbian Chemical Society (Serbia) research website

Dr. Milan Drabik, Slovak Chemical Society (Slovakia)

Prof. Luis A. Oro, Spanish Royal Society of Chemistry (Spain)

Prof. Guillem Aromí, Societat Catalana de Química (Spain) research website

Dr. Gulaim Seisenbaeva, Swedish Chemical Society (Sweden) research website

Prof. Severin Kay, Swiss Chemical Society (Switzerland) research website

Prof. Michael Whittlesey, Royal Society of Chemistry (United Kingdom) research website