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Mission of the division

The EuChemS Division of Green and Sustainable Chemistry (EUDGSC) aims to become the key forum for discussion and promotion of initiatives at the scientific, technical and political level to advocate the leading role of chemistry in green research.

The main objective of the division is to organize conferences, workshops, and disseminate the general principles of Sustainable Chemistry and research outputs to the general public, government and industry.

The EUDGSC aims at the application of chemical tools to alleviate the negative effects of conventional chemical and energy production transitioning towards more sustainable technologies as a means to achieve the UNESCO 17 Sustainable Development Goals.


Prof. Ana Aguiar Ricardo
Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal.

Contact: Email



Dr Katalin Barta, PhD
University of Groningen, The Netherlands
Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences,
Synthetic Organic Chemistry — Stratingh Institute for Chemistry

Contact: Email


James Sullivan

Prof. James Sullivan
UCD School of Chemistry,
Dublin 4, Ireland

Contact: Email

Division Delegates and Contact Details



Representative of Chemical Society


Katharina Schroeder Austria Gesellschaft Österreichischer Chemiker/ Austrian Chemical Society katharina.schroeder”at”tuwien.ac.at
Shoubhik Das


Dries Vandamme


Martin Šilhan





Czech Republic

Koninklijke Vlaamse Chemische Vereniging

Koninklijke Vlaamse Chemische Vereniging


Ceska Spolecnost Chemicka/ Czech Chemical Society






Rasmus Fehrmann Denmark The Danish Chemical Society rf”at”kemi.dtu.dk
Anders Riisager Denmark The Danish Chemical Society ar”at”kemi.dtu.dk
Joel Barrault France French Chemical Society joel2.barrault”at”gmail.com
Regina Palkovits Germany Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker/ German Chemical Society palkovits”at”itmc.rwth-aachen.de
Konstantinos S. Triantafyllidis Greece Association of Greek Chemists ktrianta”at”chem.auth.gr
Vacant Hungary Magyar Kemikusok Egyesulete/Hungarian Chemical Society vacant
James Sullivan Ireland The Institute of Chemistry of Ireland james.sullivan”at”ucd.ie
Nadav Amdursky Isreal Israeli Chemical Society (ICS) amdursky”at”technion.ac.il
Luigi Vaccaro Italy Società Chimica Italiana luigi.vaccaro”at”unipg.it
Katalin Barta Netherlands Dutch Chemical Society (KNCV) k.barta”at”rug.nl
Vacant Poland Polish Chemical Society Vacant
Ana Aguiar Ricardo Portugal Sociedade Portuguesa de Química / Portuguese Chemical Society air”at”fct.unl.pt
José Nuno C Lopes Portugal Portuguese Chemical Society jnlopes”at”ist.utl.pt
Monika Jerigova Slovakia Slovak Chemical Society presidentschs”at”gmail.com
Nora Ventosa Spain Societat Catalana de Química/Catalan Chemical Society ventosa”at”icmab.es
Santiago V. Luis Spain Real Sociedad Española de Química luiss”at”uji.es
Mehmet Mahramanlioglu Turkey Turkish Chemical Society mehmah”at”istanbul.edu.tr
Michael North UK Royal Society of Chemistry michael.north”at”york.ac.uk


Division Practices and Procedures

The objectives and mission of the division are;

(i)          To represent EuCheMS in matters concerning green/sustainable chemistry in cases approved in advance by the EuCheMS Executive Board and speak on behalf of the DGSC;

(ii)         to contribute to the advancement of green and sustainable chemistry in the countries of the national member societies of the EuCheMS ;

(iii)       to promote and support high level basic scientific research in the field of green and sustainable chemistry and related disciplines

(iv)       to promote and support applied scientific research in the field of green and sustainable chemistry, which address the needs of society, by enhancing and initiating industry and academia joint endeavors.

(v)         to promote and support the co-operation between various disciplines of chemical sciences in relation to green and sustainable chemistry and among national chemical societies in Europe and their members in the area of green and sustainable chemistry;

(vi)        to identify important areas in science, technology and other human activities relevant to green and sustainable chemistry, and to stimulate actions in such fields;

(vii)       to advocate aspects of importance in or to green and sustainable chemistry, which need regulation, harmonisation, standardisation or codification, and to make recommendations, subject to EuCheMS Executive Board approval, as appropriate;

(viii)      to promote and support the sound application of chemistry for assessing and solving issues relating to green and/or sustainable chemistry in both academia and industry;

(ix)       to enhance knowledge and awareness of green and sustainable chemistry and the chemistry of the natural environment;

(x)        to promote and support applied scientific research in the field of green and sustainable chemistry and related disciplines;

(xi)        to encourage co-operation between green chemists, in particular within the countries of the member societies of EuCheMS and other international organisations such as International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC), American Chemical Society (ACS), ACS Green Chemistry Institute, European Chemistry Thematic Network (ECTN), Society of Chemical Industry (SCI) and International Organization for Standardization (ISO);

(xii)      to liaise with other EuCheMS bodies and chemical societies in other parts of the World to contribute to the advancement of green and sustainable chemistry;

(xiii)      to foster close contacts and co-operation of DGSC with the European Commission and other relevant institutions;

(xiv)      to use its best endeavours to promote the status of chemists working in the field of green and sustainable chemistry in general and in the countries of EuCheMS member societies in particular;

(xv)       to safeguard the interests of the green and sustainable chemistry community, especially concerning recognition and legitimisation in matters of regulation and legislation as well as decision making in economic and in social areas;

(xvi)      to assist and strengthen quality in teaching and training in green and sustainable chemistry in education and in daily practice;

(xvii)    to help scientific outreach activities related to knowledge dissemination to younger generations such as schools and high-schools

(xviii)    to support the transfer and exchange of knowledge in the areas of DGSC expertise both within Europe and in non-European countries;

(xix)      to hold European GREEN AND SUSTAINABLE CHEMISTRY CONFERENCES (Section 6) and other EuCheMS recognized conferences, symposia and workshops;

(xx)       to assume a general promotion and co-ordination function for conferences, Euro- courses and other events related to green and sustainable chemistry, and to advocate EuCheMS support or grant DGSC support as appropriate in agreement with the Constitution and Bylaws of EuCheMS;

(xxi)     to disseminate information to the wider scientific community and general public about green and sustainable chemistry and its achievements.

(xxii)    to support the EuCheMS European Sustainability Chemistry Award.