Brussels News Update - June 2019

Hello and welcome to the June edition of Brussels News Updates, the monthly EuChemS newsletter keeping you up-to-date on the latest science-policy issues, news and upcoming events and awards.

What a couple last weeks it has been! Now that the dust has somewhat settled after the EU elections and the surge in voter participation, we can start looking ahead at what the future European Parliament will look like, and what lies in store for EU science, research, innovation and education.

Parallel to the political tremors, the research community has been presented with cOAlition S’ updated implementation guidelines for Plan S, a plan aimed at rapidly rolling out open access publishing.

Time to scroll down and read our take on the latest policy developments impacting science and chemistry!

European Highlights

Following the analysis of some 600 responses to the call for feedback on the Plan S implementation guidelines, cOAlition S … Read more
EuChemS attended the 3rd meeting of the second mandate of the Open Science Policy Platform (OSPP), an Expert Group that … Read more
The EuChemS Executive Board met on 13 – 14 June in Brussels for two days of active discussions on a … Read more
How will European countries successfully compete with the research and innovation capacity of such countries as the United States or … Read more
Following the results of the EU elections, we take stock of what to expect for science in Europe for the … Read more
The proposal put forward by the European Commission last year to ban 10 plastic items most often found on European … Read more
On 5 June 2019 we celebrated the United Nations World Environment Day, aimed an encouraging worldwide awareness and action to … Read more
On the first ever World Food Safety Day, a new Eurobarometer survey by EFSA (the European Food Safety Agency) was … Read more

Consultations & Roadmaps

What’s the extent of microplastics in urban wastewater? Time until 30 June for water utilities or expert labs to join … Read more

Calls for Funding and Awards

Every two years, the exceptional achievements of one scientist working in the field of chemistry in Europe are rewarded. The … Read more
The challenge is to promote the opening of research databases for low-carbon energy in Europe, and to support a European-level … Read more
The challenge is to establish industrial scale manufacturing of functional systems based on manufactured nanoparticles with designed properties for use … Read more

EuChemS Events

1st International Meeting on Deep Eutectic Systems 24 – 27 June 2019 Lisbon, Portugal Website: more
5th EuChemS Inorganic Chemistry Conference (EICC – 5) 24 – 28 June 2019 Moscow, Russia Website: more
11th Symposium in Vino Analytica Scientia & 11th international symposium of Enology of Bordeaux (Oeno/IVAS 2019) 25 – 28 June … Read more
International Summer School on Natural Products (ISSNP) 1 – 5 July 2019 Naples, Italy Website: more
World Chemistry Congress – International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC 2019) 5 – 12 July 2019 Paris, France … Read more
European Symposium on Organic Chemistry (ESOC 2019) 14 – 18 July 2019 Vienna, Austria Website: more

Other Events

High-Level conference on EU Chemicals Policy 2030 27 – 28 June 2019 Brussels, Belgium Website: more
New Frontiers in Structure-Based Drug Discovery 23 – 25 September 2019 Florence, Italy Website: more
European Research and Innovation Days 24 – 26 September 2019 Brussels, Belgium Website: more

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