European Chemist Designation

European Chemist is a professional designation. The aim of the EurChem designation is to promote the mobility of chemical scientists throughout Europe based on an agreed set of skills, competencies and training.


Candidates for EurChem must:

  • be a member of a EuChemS member society
  • have a ‘Bologna’ 2nd cycle qualification (or equivalent)
  • have at least three years’ approved post-graduation professional experience
  • nominate two referees
  • apply through a EuChemS member society (or through the European Chemist Registration Board in some instances)

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European Chemist Registration Board

European Chemist is awarded by the European Chemist Registration Board (ECRB) of EuChemS.

Contacts & Further Information

Dr Helena Pokorna


ECRB Secretary

c/o Czech Chemical Society

Novotneho Lavka 5

CZ-116 68 Praha 1

Tel: +420 222 220 184

Email: Dr Helena Pokorna

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