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EuChemS is particularly aware of the crucial role that the recognition of merit plays in the advancement of chemistry. It is our hope that with the attribution of these awards we may encourage both individuals and teams in their lasting commitment to chemistry and society.

EuChemS Gold Medal

Every two years, the exceptional achievements of one scientist working in the field of chemistry in Europe are rewarded with the EuChemS Gold Medal.

EuChemS Lecture Award

The EuChemS Lecture Award serves to strengthen the image of EuChemS and of European chemistry in general, promoting scientific cooperation among chemists in Europe. The Lecture is normally awarded annually to a prominent chemist from a European country.

EuChemS Award for Service

The EuChemS Award for Service acknowledges outstanding commitment with regard to fostering chemistry and molecular sciences in Europe and the goals of EuChemS. Nominations must demonstrate achievements for improved competitiveness, visibility, coherence or structure of chemistry in Europe. In addition to recognized service to EuChemS, this may include activities in governmental, non-governmental or funding organizations, publicity-related activities, and other.

EuChemS Young Chemists’ Awards

The EuChemS Young Chemists’ Awards (EYCA), which are sponsored by the Italian Chemical Society (SCI) and the Federazione Nazionale degli Ordini dei Chimici e dei Fisici (FNCF), are given every two years during the EuChemS Chemistry Congress. The European Young Chemist’s Awards are intended to showcase and recognise the excellent research being carried out by young scientists working in the chemical sciences.

EuChemS Historical Landmarks Award

EuChemS decided to set up a Historical Landmarks Programme, which aims to reinforce the sense of belonging of European chemists and remind them that as far as the history of chemistry goes, people and ideas alike have circulated, been shared and shaped through meetings and communication. It also aims to bring to the general public some sense of how chemistry is part of the general cultural heritage and history of every European citizen, especially as commemorative plaques will be accompanied with communication materials providing information on the discoveries and breakthroughs celebrated, and the impact they had.

EuChemS Fellowship Scheme

The aim of this grant is to support early career researchers (bachelor, masters and PhD student) actively attending the EuChemS Chemistry Congresses. Eligible candidates are those whose abstract submitted to an ECC has been accepted as a poster or oral presentation of any type.

Grantees will be selected on a random basis, provided that they fit conditions for applying. The selection has to ensure equal representation of men and women, as well as take into account geographic distribution.

EuChemS EUCYS Award

EuChemS special prize for best chemistry contribution at the European Union Contest for Young Scientist, is attributed every year at EUCYS to a young scientist for hers/his research work in the field of chemistry.

EUCYS, an initiative of the European Commission that was set up in 1989 with the goal of promoting cooperation and interchange between young scientists and guiding them towards a future career in science and technology.

Other Awards

Some EuChemS Professional Networks also promote research and commitment to chemistry with awards: