Individual Supporters and Friends

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EuChemS is grateful for any individual support given to our work, by promoting and participating in EuChemS activities, by staying up-to-date with our latest news, by , or via financial support. Please be aware that individuals are not however able to become direct members of EuChemS.

Supporting the chemical sciences is a task we all carry out on a daily basis – whether we realise it or not. From the researcher trying to solve energy issues, to the policy-maker who includes scientific advice in decision-making processes, from the chemistry school teacher who shares the wonders of the Periodic Table to students, to the common citizen who subscribes to our newsletters or leaves through a science journal.

We welcome any donations to support the work of EuChemS in promoting the chemical sciences, and now offer you the chance of becoming a friend of EuChemS. In order to contribute, click on the donate button on the EuChemS website to donate €25 or more.


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