Ema Bojnec and Daša Žuman receive EUCYS EuChemS prize

Slovenian students Ema Bojnec and Daša Žuman received EuChemS' specially donated prize at the 2022...

EuChemS welcomes Lithuanian Chemical Society amongst its members

We would like to express our warm welcome to the Lithuanian Chemical Society (LChS)! We are glad...

EuChemS Award nominations open up

Nominations for the EuChemS Gold Medal, the EuChemS Lecture Award, the EuChemS Awards for Service...

Angela Agostiano elected as EuChemS President-Elect

Congratulations to Angela Agostiano, President-Elect of EuChemS. Angela Agostiano was elected by...

Hans Peter Lüthi elected as EuChemS Treasurer

Congratulations to Hans Peter Lüthi, newly elected Treasurer of EuChemS.Hans Peter Lüthi was...

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