EuChemS Historical Landmark Plaques for the Legacy of Karl Ziegler and Gulio Natta inaugurated

The 2022 EuChemS Historical Landmark Award on the European Level was received jointly by the...

New ESEC3 publications shed light on careers and diversity amongst chemists

The 3rd Employment Survey for European Chemists was completed in 2020. Led by Professor Reiner...

First 2024 issue of EuChemS Magazine Plus is released

On 14 March, the first issue of the second volume of EuChemS Magazine Plus, an extended edition of...

2023 EuChemS Yearbook

We are delighted to announce that the 2023 EuChemS Yearbook is now published. It summarizes...

2024 Call for Nominations for Elected Members of the EuChemS Executive Board is open

On 1 March, the 2024 Call for Nominations for Elected Members of the EuChemS Executive Board...

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