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Professional Networks

EuCheMS scientific Divisions and Working Parties enhance networking in their own fields of expertise and promote collaboration with other European and international organisations.These professional networks organise high quality scientific conferences in chemical and molecular sciences and interdisciplinary areas.

  • Division of Analytical Chemistry (Chair: Slavica Ražić)
  • Division of Chemical Education (Chair:
  • Division of Chemistry and the Environment (Chair: )
  • Division of Green and Sustainable Chemistry (Chair: )
  • Division of Chemistry in Life Sciences (Chair: )
  • Division of Computational and Theoretical Chemistry (Chair: )
  • Division of Food Chemistry (Chair: )
  • Division of Inorganic Chemistry (Chair: )
  • Division of Nuclear and Radiochemistry (Chair: )
  • Division of Organic Chemistry (Chair:
  • Division of Organometallic Chemistry (Chair: )
  • Division of Physical Chemistry (Chair: )
  • Division of Solid State and Materials Chemistry (Chair: )
  • Working Party on Chemistry and Energy (Chair: Aline Auroux)
  • Working Party on Chemistry for Cultural Heritage (Chair: )
  • Working party on Ethics in Chemistry (Chair: )
  • Working Party on Formulation in Chemistry (Chair: Alain Durand)
  • Working Party on the History of Chemistry (Chair: )
  • European Young Chemists´ Network (Chair: )