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Santiago Luis represents EuChemS at the

EU Delegation to South Africa


Official regulations for ESCA Awards

Official Call for nominations

 Important dates:

  July 15th, 2017; deadline for nominations

         December 15th, 2017; deadline for award decision


The 2016 EuChemS year book is now available on line


DCE steering committee meeting

Traditional DCE photo with participating delegates at the coffee break of the meeting

The DCE steering committee meeting was held on February 25, 2017, in Bordeaux, France. Participants were Santiago Luis (Chair, Spanish delegate), Willem de Lange (Secretary, Dutsch delegate), Sirpa Herve (Finnish delegate), Ioannis Katsoyiannis (Greek delegate), Antonio Marcomini (Italian delegate) and Philippe Garrigues (French delegate and host of the meeting). The subjects discussed in the meeting were mainly the interactions with EuChemS and the other divisions, the upcoming DCE conference in Oslo, (ICCE2017), the 2019 ICCE in Thessaloniki Greece. The further discussion was focused on the internal organization of the DCE, with issues such as funding and budget, divisional awards and society representatives.