The DCE career Award is given to Environmental Chemists every two years on the occasion of the International Conference of Chemistry and the Environment (ICCE), in recognition of 1) the lifelong research and activities carried out by the awardee, or 2) as a consequence of an outstanding specific contribution to the fields, within the remit of the DCE.

Winners of the EuChemS DCE Career Award were:

2013: Prof. Joan Albaigés i Riera (Barcelona)

2015: Prof. Karlheinz Ballschmiter (Ulm)

2017: Professor Soren Jensen , Stockholm University

2019: Professor Panayiotis Siskos, Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece

2023: Dr. Walter Giger
Eawag Lecture

The European Sustainable Chemistry Award (ESCA)
EuChemS recognises the achievements of individual scientists and teams through the European Sustainable Chemistry Award which is given every two years. The European Sustainable Chemistry Award is intended to be a prestigious scheme which will raise the profile of sustainable chemistry and be a spur to innovation and competitiveness. The ESCA was initially launched in 2010. Its current prize amounts to €1500.

Link: https://www.euchems.eu/awards/european-sustainable-chemistry-award/