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Member Societies

Last updated 29/04/2020

Member Societies

Today, the EYCN has representatives from 30 European chemical societies (28 countries in total) and one affiliated member, the American Chemical Society – ACS. To become active within the EYCN, your chemical society needs to be a member of EuChemS (see the list of EuChemS member societies here). Please contact us if you want to get involved and actively participate in the EYCN activities: membership[at]eycn.eu

A map of all the EuChemS/EYCN member societies (dark blue) and EuChemS member societies (light blue).

You can find more information about each society by following the links below:


Gesellschaft Österreichischer Chemiker (GÖCH) – Austrian Chemical Society

Jungchemiker – Austrian Young Chemists Network

Delegate: Beate Steller (beate.steller[at]tugraz.at) and Miguel Steiner (miguel.steiner[at]phys.chem.ethz.ch)


Koninklijke Vlaamse Chemische Vereniging (KVCV) – Royal Flemish Chemical Society

Youth division of KVCV

Delegates: Thomas Vranken (thomas.vranken[at]kvcv.be) and Nathan Carpentier (Nathan.Carpentier[at]ugent.be)


Παγκύπρια Ένωση Επιστημόνων Χημικών – Pancyprian Union of Chemists

Youth Division of PUC

Delegates: Costas Constantinou (costas_92[at]hotmail.com) and Anthi Konstantinou (anthikon[at]hotmail.com)


Kemisk Forening – Danish Chemical Society

Delegate: Nomination is currently ongoing


Suomalaisten Kemistien Seura (SKS) – Finnish Chemical Society

Delegate: Katja Väyrynen (katja.m.vayrynen[at]gmail.com)


Société Chimique de France (SCF) – French Chemical Society

Réseau des Jeunes chimistes de la SCF – French Young Chemists’ Network

Delegates: Liva Dzene (liva.dzene[at]uha.fr) and Maxime Rossato (maxime.rossato[at]laposte.net)


Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker (GDCh) – German Chemical Society

JungChemikerForum – German Young Chemists

Delegates: Sebastian Balser (sebastianbalser[at]googlemail.com) and Maximilian Menche (maximilian.menche[at]gmx.de)


Ένωση Ελλήνων Χημικών – Association of Greek Chemists

Delegate: Dimitra Pournara (dimitrapour[at]gmail.com)


Instituid Ceimice Na Héireann – Institute of Chemistry of Ireland

Delegate: Mark Kelada (keladamark[at]gmail.com)


Società Chimica Italiana (SCI) – Italian Chemical Society

SCI Giovani – SCI Young Group

Delegates: Claudia Bonfio (bonfio[at]mrc-lmb.cam.ac.uk) and Matteo Atzori (matteo.atzori[at]lncmi.cnrs.fr)

Republic of North Macedonia

The Netherlands

Koninklijke Nederlandse Chemische Vereniging (KNCV) – Royal Netherlands Chemical Society

Jong KNCV – Young members of the Royal Netherlands Chemistry Society

Delegate: Lieke van Gijzel (l.vangijzel[at]gmail.com) and Koen van den Helder (koen.vandenhelder[at]gmail.com)


Norsk Kjemisk Selskap (NKS) – Norwegian Chemical Society

Delegate: Nomination is currently ongoing


Societatea de Chimie din Romania – Romanian Chemical Society

Secția Tinerilor Chimiști, București 2 – Young Chemists Section, Bucharest 2

Delegate: Robert Țincu (tincurobert[at]gmail.com) and Nadina Negru (nadina.negru97[at]gmail.com)


Slovenská chemická spolocnost – Slovak Chemical Society

Fórum mladých SCHS – Slovak Chemical Society Youth Forum

Delegates: Michal Procházka (michal.prochazka[at]savba.sk) and Denisa Vargová (denisa.vargova447[at]gmail.com)


Real Sociedad Española de Química (RSEQ) – Spanish Royal Society of Chemistry

Grupo Especializado de Jóvenes Investigadores Químicos (JIQ – RSEQ) – Spanish Young Investigators in Chemistry

Delegate: Antonio M. Rodríguez García (AntonioM.Rodriguez[at]uclm.es)


Sociedad Española de Química Analítica (SEQA) – Spanish Society of Analytical Chemistry

Delegate: Daniel Martín-Yerga (dyerga[at]gmail.com)


Societat Catalana de Química (SCQ) – Catalan Chemical Society

Delegate: Cristian Gómez Canela (cristian.gomez[at]urv.cat) and Benjamí Oller-Salvia (benjami.oller[at]iqs.url.edu)


Svenska Kemisamfundet – Swedish Chemical Society

Delegate: Nomination is currently ongoing

United Kingdom

Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC)

Early Career Network

Delegates: Shona Richardson (s.m.richardson[at]sms.ed.ac.uk) and Intisar Salah (uccaii0[at]ucl.ac.uk)


At the 15th Delegates Assembly (2020), there were representatives from 21 chemical societies.

You can see all the delegates present at the 15th DA here.