Last updated 18/05/2023

Board of the EYCN

The Board after the election at the 17th Delegate Assembly:

CC BY SA 4.0 EYCN 2020

Maximilian MencheGerman Chemical Society (GDCh)

Scientist @ BASF

My aims: I am planning to continue the EYCN’s strong line-up of online events that learn, network or present their research during and after the global Covid-19 pandemic. While these events enable a wide range of participants, we also cannot wait to shape the EYCN’s return to in-person events e.g., with the upcoming European Young Chemists Meeting (EYCheM) or our contributions to the next EuChemS Chemistry Congress (ECC). Furthermore, I am looking to establish new ways to engage more young chemists in industry with the other members of the EYCN Board.


Liva DzeneFrench Young Chemist Network

Assistant professor @ École nationale supérieure de chimie de Mulhouse

My aims: Provide an opportunity for national young chemist networks to share their experience in order to build a strong European chemist community. Ensure smooth communication between EYCN and its partners, between board members, different teams of EYCN and delegates from national societies. Continue the best practices established by previous secretaries.


Lieke van GijzelThe Royal Netherlands Chemical Society (KNCV)

Marie Curie PhD student @ the Tu Darmstadt

My aims: To update the finances and build a clear and transparent structure in the finance system of the EYCN. I would like to also focus on obtaining new sponsors, with the idea to also provide novel sponsorship packages. Additionally, I will continue the work the previous treasures have done and hopefully contribute to improve these tasks. Lastly, my tasks will include supporting the executive board in their everyday tasks and working closely together with the secretary and chair.


Patrick W. FritzSwiss Chemical Society (SCS)

PhD Student @ University Fribourg in the Coskun Group

My aims: Promoting the research of young scientists by using the well-established social media platforms of the EYCN to make the voices of young individuals heard. I want to help further improve the communication between the EYCN, its member societies and industrial partners to promote chemistry across Europe.


Tomasz SwebockiPolish Chemical Society

PhD Student @ Institut d’Electronique, de Microélectronique et de Nanotechnologie

My aims: Development of the co-operation between European Young Chemical Societies and the ones located in other parts of the world. Promotion of international exchange and scientific programmes with emphasis on setting up new ones. Locating possibilities to promote EYCN outside of Europe.


Claudia BonfioItalian Chemical Society

Institute for Supramolecular Science and Engineering, University of Strasbourg and CNRS, Strasbourg, France

My aims: To strengthen our network across Europe and create new partnerships, to provide tools for the career development of young researchers, to support diversity in chemistry.


Denisa VargováSlovak Chemical Society

Head of the Compound Management Department @ AnalytiCon Discovery

My aims: To include more industrial representatives in the EYCN network and continue with expanding the Chemistry across Europe map established by previous efforts of the MS team.


Nathan CarpentierThe Royal Flemish Chemical Society (KVCV)

PhD-student @ Ghent University in the Polymer Chemistry and Biomaterials (PBM) Group

My aims: Increasing the visibility of EYCN and the different membership societies through science related projects. Throughout the years my predecessors made projects such as photochimica and chemistry rediscovered well established and widely known. I strive to do that as well with our other more recently initiated and new projects. Collaborating with the different teams within EYCN will be key herein!


Antonio M. Rodríguez GarcíaReal Sociedad Española de Química (RSEQ)

Postdoctoral Research Associate (UCLM)

My aims: Supporting and advising the new Board members in order to continue, or even improve, the work done by EYCN in the last 2 years. Furthermore, I will be the link of the EYCN to the Scientific Committee of the 8th EuChemS Chemistry Congress (Lisbon 2022), I will work to shape an engaging program for the EYCN Symposium, entirely focused on the interests of early-career chemists.


Teams of the EYCN

The EYCN lives and thrives through the outstanding work of its members. We are a motivated team of young scientists representing chemical societies from 28 European countries. Each member society nominates up to two delegates for representing it in the annual Delegate Assembly (DA) and in the EYCN throughout the following year.

The delegates of the member societies are organized in five teams: Communication Team, Global Connections Team, Membership Team, Networks Team and Science Team. Each of those teams is managed by a Team Leader, which together with the Chair, Secretary, and the Treasurer form the Steering Committee of the EYCN.

The EYCN Steering Committee: Claudia Bonfio (Networks Team Leader), Nathan Carpentier (Science Team Leader), Liva Dzene (Secretary), Maximilian Menche (Chair), Tomasz Swebocki (Global Connections Team Leader), Patrick Fritz (Communication Team Leader), Lieke van Gijzel (Treasurer), Denisa Vargová (Membership Team Leader), Antonio M. Rodríguez García (Adviser).

Here, we present the team members, and the main tasks that each team has within the EYCN:

Tasks of the Communication Team are to:

  • write and circulate a monthly newsletter to all EYCN delegates and friends;
  • communicate important information from the Board using social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn) and e-mail;
  • maintain social media pages – respond to requests and questions, find and post useful or interesting information;
  • increase the visibility of the EYCN through social media channels…

Tasks of the Global Connections Team are to:

  • Fostering connections between EYCN and Young Chemical Societies outside of Europe;
  • Increasing the global visibility of EYCN;
  • Connecting European Young Chemical Societies with industrial partners outside of Europe;
  • Internal cooperation with other teams of EYCN to create new possibilities and projects for  global cooperation.

Tasks of the Membership Team are to:

Tasks of the Networks Team are to:

  • increase EYCN impact and provide support to young chemists in Europe through international partnerships with universities, industries, scientific societies, and governments;
  • identify networking opportunities and set the ground for fruitful collaborations;
  • make the link with policy makers, organizers of scientific events and young chemists;
  • increase the visibility of EYCN by engaging in various international chemistry-related projects;
  • lead international projects with various European partners (European Cooperation in Science and Technology – COST Actions, Marie Curie Training Networks, industrial partners, etc.);
  • contribute to providing knowledge on industrial and academic job opportunities in Europe;
  • organise workshops and webinars for continuous development of young chemists in Europe;
  • collaborate with the Science and Global Connections Teams on scientific and global outreach.

Tasks of the Science Team are to:

  • promote chemistry around Europe (Photochimica – photography contest, Chemistry Rediscovered – video contest);
  • promote the EYCN around Europe (designing promo materials like posters, roll-ups, for EuChemS conferences);
  • develop the EYCN Project Management Course;
  • support the scientific part of all EYCN projects and events;
  • organize fundraising for the Science projects…

Delegates of the EYCN

Today, the EYCN has representatives from 31 European chemical societies (28 countries in total) and one affiliated member, the American Chemical Society – ACS. To become active within the EYCN, your chemical society needs to be a member of EuChemS (see the list of EuChemS member societies here). Please contact us if you want to get involved and actively participate in the EYCN activities.

A map of all the EuChemS/EYCN member societies (dark blue) and EuChemS member societies (light blue).

You can find more information about each society by following the links below.

Surname NameMember Society/Young Section
Steiner Miguel
Perktold Liane
Österreichische Chemische Gesellschaft (GÖCH) – Austrian Chemical Society
Junge Chemie – Austrian Young Chemists Network
Vranken Thomas
Aerts Roy
Koninklijke Vlaamse Chemische Vereniging (KVCV) – Royal Flemish Chemical Society
Youth division of KVCV
Neumann Myriam
Société Royale de Chimie (SRC) – Royal Chemical Society of Belgium
Jeunes Chimistes de la Société Royale de Chimie – The Young Chemists of the Royal Chemical
Society of Belgium
Zojnić IvaHrvatsko Kemijsko Društvo – Croatian Chemical Society
Youth division of the Croatian Chemical Society
Constantinou Costas
Παγκύπρια Ένωση Επιστημόνων Χημικών – Pancyprian Union of Chemists
Youth Division of PUC
Smetana Jakub
Lenweber Petr
Česká společnost Chemická – Czech Chemical Society
Sekce mladých chemiků – Czech Young Chemists’ Network (CzYCN)
Nieminen HetaSuomalaisten Kemistien Seura (SKS) – Finnish Chemical Society
Camara Fakourou
Perez Alexandre
Société Chimique de France (SCF) – French Chemical Society
Réseau des Jeunes chimistes de la SCF – French Young Chemists’ Network
Schilling Monja
Menche Maximilian
Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker (GDCh) – German Chemical Society
JungChemikerForum – German Young Chemists
Pournana DimitraΈνωση Ελλήνων Χημικών – Association of Greek Chemists
Bodor ZsanettMagyar Kémikusok Egyesülete – Hungarian Chemical Society
Fiatal Kémikusok Fóruma – Forum of the Young Chemists
Colm McKeeverInstituid Ceimice Na Héireann – Institute of Chemistry of Ireland
Bonfio Claudia
Emilia Paone
Società Chimica Italiana (SCI) – Italian Chemical Society
SCI Giovani – SCI Young Group
Josifovska Katarina
Сојуз на хемичарите и технолозите на Македонија –
Society of Chemists and Technologists of Macedonia

Kimberly Tran
Koninklijke Nederlandse Chemische Vereniging (KNCV) – Royal Netherlands Chemical Society
Jong KNCV – Young members of the Royal Netherlands Chemistry Society
Swebocki Tomasz
Jaworska Daria
Polskie Towarzystwo Chemiczne – Polish Chemical Society
Sekcja Młodych Polskiego Towarzystwa Chemicznego – Young Section of the Polish Chemical Society
Rute Pereira
Joana Madureira
Sociedade Portuguesa de Química (SPQ) – Portuguese Chemical Society
Grupo de Químicos Jovens (GQJ) da Sociedade Portuguesa de Química (SPQ) –
Young Chemists Group of the Portuguese Chemical Society

Ana-Maria Pușcașu
Societatea de Chimie din Romania – Romanian Chemical Society
Secția Tinerilor Chimiști, București 2 – Young Chemists Section, Bucharest 2
Sazanova TatyanaРоссийское химическое общество им. Д.И. Менделеева –
Mendeleev Russian Chemical Society (MRSC)
Молодежное отделение Российского химического общества им. Д.И. Менделеева –
Youth Branch of the Mendeleev Russian Chemical Society (YB MRCS)
Kesić JelenaСрпско хемијско друштво (СХД) – Srpsko hemijsko društvo (SHD) – Serbian Chemical Society
Клуб младих хемичара Србије – Klub mladih hemičara Srbije – Serbian Young Chemists’ Club
Vargová DenisaSlovenská chemická spoločnosť – Slovak Chemical Society
Fórum mladých SCHS – Slovak Chemical Society Youth Forum
Sara Drvarič Talian Slovenian Chemical Society – Slovensko kemijsko društvo
Rodríguez García Antonio M.Real Sociedad Española de Química (RSEQ) – Spanish Royal Society of Chemistry
Grupo Especializado de Jóvenes Investigadores Químicos (JIQ – RSEQ) –
Spanish Young Investigators in Chemistry
Oller-Salvia BenjamíSocietat Catalana de Química (SCQ) – Catalan Chemical Society
Linker Stephanie
Papadimou Chrysanthi
Swiss Chemical Society – Société Suisse de Chemie –
Schweizerische Chemische Gesellschaft – Swiss Chemical Society
youngSCS – Jeunes Chimistes Suisse – Schweizer Jungchemiker
Hübner Julia-Maria
Swedish Chemical Society

Ercan Merve
Türkiye Kimya Dernegi – Turkish Chemical Society
Türkiye Kimya Derneği Genç Kimyacılar Platformu –
Turkish Chemical Society Young Chemists’ Network
Richardson Shona
De Angelis Gaia
Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC)
Early Career Network

You can see all the delegates present at the 17th DA here.