Chemistry across Europe

Last updated 25/08/2022

Chemistry across Europe

The “Chemistry across Europe” map is providing access to all relevant information about studying and working abroad. Europe has been a strong promoter for mobility with the set-up of the Schengen area, the Bologna Declaration and European schemes, such as the Erasmus programmes or Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions. Nevertheless, moving to another country, still represents a considerable challenge for most early-career academics. Therefore, the EYCN has created this map in the effort to reduce disparities and offer support to young chemists, regardless of their country of origin, in this public and easy-to-access database.

Click on the country of your interest, and read about the major universities, available scholarships, and the biggest employers in the industry of that country. More detailed information about specific organizations will be available soon. To be included on the map, please contact us.

We acknowledge the support and help of many delegates in the creation of this map.

Map of EYCN members. Click on one of the markers to see more information about these countries.

If you are a young chemist and are looking for a job in the chemical industry in another EU country from your own, then this Mobility Mentoring Portal can also support you with more information provided by trained mentors.