NRC-network Working Group

The objective and functions of this DNRC Working Group are:

  • to cooperate in NRC education and training in Europe
  • to promote development of NRC education and training in Europe
  • to represent NRC education and training community towards other organizations and society
  • to promote and organize student and teacher exchange between partners
  • to organize common courses in NRC

The NRC-network Working Group was previously the European NRC-network, a stand-alone collaboration between teachers and teaching institutions for Nuclear and Radiochemistry. The network collaboration decided in a meeting at RadChem’2022 to join forces with the DNRC and continue its work as a Working Group under the Division.

Ulrich W. Scherer has volunteered to head and organize the Task Force. A mandate for this Task Force will be worked out between him and the DNRC head and secretary.

Documents and information from the previous and stand-alone Network Group

Steering Board Members

  • Clemens Walther (Leibniz Univ. Hannover, Germany) Chair
  • Christian Ekberg (CHALMERS, Sweden)
  • Flavia Maria Groppi Garlandini (Milano University, Italy)
  • Jan John (Czech Technical University Prague, Czech Republic)
  • Jon Petter Omtveldt (Oslo University, Norway)

General Assembly Meetings

  • August 31st 2016 Helsinki, Finland (NRC9 2016 Conference)
  • May 16th 2018 Mariánské Lázně, Czech Republic (RadChem 2018 Conference)

Approved Member Institutions

  • University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland
  • University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway
  • Loughborough University, Loughborough, UK
  • Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Ås, Norway
  • Czech Technical University in Prague, Prague, Czech Republic
  • Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universität, Hannover, Germany
  • University of Leeds, Leeds, UK
  • National Nuclear Laboratory, UK
  • Comissariat á L’énergie Atomique et aux Énergies Alternatives, France
  • University of Patras, Greece
  • Hochschule Mannheim, Germany
  • Helmholtz Zentrum Dresden Rossendorf, Germany
  • Moscow State University, Russia
  • Sofia University, Bulgaria
  • University of Debrecen, Hungary
  • Technical University of Denmark, Denmark
  • University of Cyprus, Cyprus
  • University of Nice, France
  • University of Barcelona, Spain
  • University of Milano, Italy
  • Maria Curie-Sklodowska University, Poland
  • Jozef Stefan Institute, Slovenia
  • University of Thessaloniki, Greece
  • University of Pannonia, Veszprém, Hungary
  • University of Manchester, UK
  • University of Lisbon, Portugal