NRC EuroMaster Diploma

The idea of creating a diploma or certificate that states that the holder meet a minimum criteria of knowledge and training in nuclear and radiochemistry (NRC) was conceived in the first CINCH project (running from 2010 to 2013). The necessary knowledge and training were identified and a “minimum requirement” document was compiled. The format of the EuroMaster Diploma was much debated during the second CINCH project (2014-2017). In the end it was agreed that a “none bureaucratic” system where a teaching institution was evaluated with respect to course content and scope of MSc projects/supervision should be implemented. If found worthy, the institution would then be granted the right to issue the “NRC EuroMaster Diploma” to applicable students, which would guarantee that the Diploma owner had a minimum of NRC skills.

A review of the status of the NRC EuroMaster Diploma was written in the Autumn 2022 and is copied inn at the bottom of this page.

Any European university that meet the minimum requrements for NRC teaching can apply for the right to grant the NRC EuroMaster Diploma. For details of the application process, please contact the DNRC governing board.

Report form the EurAtom project A-CINCH: A Short Review of the Use and Status of the NRC EuroMaster Diploma: