Board of the Food Chemistry Division (FCD)

Joana AmaralPortuguese Chemical Society

Polytechnic Institute of Bragança

Cristina TodascaRomanian Chemical Society

Faculty of Applied Chemistry and Material Sciences, University “Politehnica” of Bucharest

Irena VovkSlovenian Chemical Society

Laboratory for Food Chemistry

National Institute of Chemistry

Delegates of the Food Chemistry Division

Surname NameMember Society/Supporting MemberAffiliationTerm of office
MARKO DorisAustrian Chemical Society2020-
MURKOVIC MichaelAustrian Chemical SocietyGraz University of Technology1993-2024
VANLOCO JorisRoyal Flemish Chemical Society2019-
DENYS JurgenRoyal Flemish Chemical Society2019-
KRATCHANOV Christo Union of Chemists in Bulgaria
PANTELEY DenevUnion of Chemists in Bulgaria
NYSTROEM LauraSwiss Chemical Society2021-
GUDE ThomasSwiss Chemical SocietySwiss Chemical Society // Swiss Society for Food Chemistry Society
HAJSLOVA JanaCzech Chemical Society
CEJPEK KarelCzech Chemical Society
WÜST MatthiasGerman Chemical SocietyUniversity of Bonn2020-2024
FISCHER MarkusGerman Chemical Society
HERODES KoitEstonian Chemical Society
FRIAS Juana Spanish Royal Society of ChemistryInstitute of Food Science, Technology and Nutrition (ICTAN-CSIC)
PIIRONEN VienoFinnish Chemical Society
YANG BaoruFinnish Chemical Society
THIS HervéFrench Chemical SocietyINRAE-AgroParisTech International Centre for Molecular and Physical Gastronomy
CHARALAMPOS ProestosAssociation of Greek Chemists (AGC)National and Kapodistrian University of Athens2011-
KONTOMINAS MichaelAssociation of Greek Chemists (AGC)
GRASSINO Antonela NincevicCroatian Chemical Society2021-
KOPJAR MirelaCroatian Chemical SocietyFaculty of Food Technology Osijek
SIMON-SARKADI LiviaHungarian Chemical SocietyHungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences
MOLNÁR PalHungarian Chemical Society1983-2025
KEEGAN JohnInstitute of Chemistry of Ireland (ICI)
NUSSINOVITCH AmosIsrael Chemical SocietyThe Hebrew University of Jerusalem
ARLORIO MarcoItalian Chemical Society
GALAVERNA GianniItalian Chemical Society2019-
MENKOVSKA MirjanaSociety of Chemists and Technologists of Macedonia
SKARPEID Hans-JacobNorwegian Chemical Society
WOLD Anne-BeritNorwegian Chemical Society
ZIELINSKI HenrykPolish Chemical SocietyInstitute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research, Polish Academy of Science
STAROWICZ MałgorzataPolish Chemical SocietyInstitute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research2019-2023
AMARAL JoanaPortuguese Chemical SocietyPolytechnic Institute of Bragança2011-
MOREIRA da SILVA AidaPortuguese Chemical SocietyInstituto Politécnico de Coimbra2011-
TODASCA CristinaRomanian Chemical Society
University Politehnica of Bucharest/ Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnologies
SOCACIU CarmenRomanian Chemical Society
CIRKOVIC VELICKOVIC TanjaSerbian Chemical Society
TESIC ZivoslavSerbian Chemical SocietyFaculty of Chemistry University of Belgrade2019-
DUTTA Paresh C.Swedish Chemical Society
UNDELAND IngridSwedish Chemical Society
VOVK IrenaSlovenian Chemical Society
KODBA Zdenka CencičSlovenian Chemical Society
NÉMETH KittiSlovak Chemical Society
CIESAROVA ZuzanaSlovak Chemical SocietyNational Agricultural and Food Centre, Food Research Institute in Bratislava2014-
RUSSEL WendyRoyal Society of Chemistry (RSC)2021-
PARKER JaneRoyal Society of Chemistry (RSC)Royal Society of Chemistry2021-

Observers of the Food Chemistry Division

Surname NameCountryObserver since
BATTAGLIA RetoSwitzerland
(former Chair)
EKLUND TrygveNorway
(former Chair)
SEGUNDO MarcelaPortugal
(Division of Analytical Chemistry – EuChemS)
SALTMARSH MikeUnited Kingdom2021
(Kaunas University of Technology)
BAŞMAN ArzuHacettepe University Food Engineering Department1998

Task Groups of the Food Chemistry Division

Aims and objectives

To organize and disseminate several webinars (4 per year) on relevant topics related to Food Chemistry given by renowned researchers on the area of expertise.


  • Cristina Todasca (Romania)
  • Doris Marko (Austria)
  • Hans-Jacob Skarpeid (Norway)
  • Irena Vovk (Slovenia)
  • Joana Amaral (Portugal)
  • Joris Vanloco (Belgium)
  • Małgorzata Starowicz (Poland)
  • Marco Arlorio (Italy)
  • Michael Murkovic (Austria)
  • Proestos Charalampos (Greece)

Description of the TG2

Description of the TG3