EthiChem – A Newsletter

Since 2022, the WP Ethics in Chemistry publishes a bimonthly Newsletter. Please download the issues here:

Issue 1 (February 2022) (Content: News: Steering Board Meetings on 17.12.2021, 13.01.2022, and 28.01.2022; Case of (un)ethical chemistry: A case of data manipulation and ombuds committee bias; Essay: The Relevance of Ethics for the Chemical Professions (Jan Mehlich); Reading corner: Ethics in Chemistry (Schummer & Boersen), Good Chemistry (Mehlich); Profile: Prof. Hartmut Frank)


February 25th 2022: Topical Meeting – The Pros and Cons of a Professional Ethos (‘Oath’) for Chemists
20 Members of the Working Party gathered to discuss whether and what kind of a professional ethos  would be effective in implementing ethical and responsible conduct of chemistry in academia and industry. Past approaches have been introduced and possibilities for future efforts have been explored. Manifold valuable input, especially from the experienced honorary members, was collected to inspire future activities of the WP. Find the minutes of the meeting here.

January 28th 2022: Extended Steering Board Meeting (online)
The steering board and the advisors explored topics as future focus areas of engagement. Strengthening the communication and involvement of all WP members will be a key point! It is planned to organise and host monthly online meetings (every last Friday of a month) and introduce/discuss chemical matters with ethical implications. Next up on February 25th, 3PM CET, will be a discussion on the necessity of a professional oath for chemists.

January 13th 2022: Steering Board Meeting (online)
The steering board discussed its performance as a team and planned future activities. Projects to pursue next are the website and a regular newsletter.

December 17th 2021: Working Party Ethics in Chemistry Steering Board Constitution Meeting (online)
The newly elected steering board met and delegated the positions. For a period of four years, the following offices are occupied by:
– Senior Chair (previous chair): Prof. Hartmut Frank
– Chair: Prof. Anca Silvestru
– Vice Chair: Dr. Hans W. Steisslinger
– Secretary: Dr. Jan Mehlich