EthiChem – A Newsletter

Since 2022, the WP Ethics in Chemistry publishes a Newsletter. Please download the issues here:

Issue 2 (May 2022) (Content: News: Thematic Meetings 25.2. and 4.5.2022, Steering Board Meetings 25.3. and 8.4.2022; Case of (un)ethical chemistry: Prof. Zhang’s drug testing business; Essay: Ethical behavior in Chemistry: Bridging the knowledge-action gap (H.W. Steisslinger); Reading corner: International Ethics in Chemistry: Developing Common Values across Cultures (S.M. Schelble, K.M. Elkins); Profile: Prof. Dr. Erhard Meyer-Galow (Honorary Member of the WP Ethics in Chemistry))

Issue 1 (February 2022) (Content: News: Steering Board Meetings on 17.12.2021, 13.01.2022, and 28.01.2022; Case of (un)ethical chemistry: A case of data manipulation and ombuds committee bias; Essay: The Relevance of Ethics for the Chemical Professions (Jan Mehlich); Reading corner: Ethics in Chemistry (Schummer & Boersen), Good Chemistry (Mehlich); Profile: Prof. Dr. Hartmut Frank)


December 9th 2022 – Thematic Meeting (online): Chemists’ Contribution to the Sustainability Landscape
Peter Mahaffy (The King’s University, Edmonton) discusses the ethical responsibility of chemists in the context of sustainable development.

October 14th 2022Thematic Meeting (online): The Chemical Space
Guillermo Restrepo introduces his look at the history and contemporary development of chemistry practices and their impact.

August 30th – September 1st 2022 – The Working Party Ethics in Chemistry at the 8th European Chemistry Congress (ECC8) at Lisbon, Portugal:

  • Working Party Meeting
  • Panel discussion: Diversity and Inclusion in Chemistry (second section in this Chemistry in Europe Newsletter article)
  • Presentations by Guillermo Restrepo (“The chemical space and some ethical consequences of its uneven growth”) and Jan Mehlich (“Teaching Responsible Chemistry: A Challenge-Based Learning Framework for the Implementation of RRI Courses in Chemistry Education”)