EthiChem – A Newsletter

Since 2022, the WP Ethics in Chemistry publishes a Newsletter. Please download the issues here:

Issue 3 (March 2023) (Content: News: Thematic Meetings 14.10.22, 9.12.2022, and 24.2.23; ECC8 events of the WP; Essay: Chemical space and some ethical consequences of its uneven growth (Guillermo Restrepo); Profile: Dr. Ahmet Üzümcü (Honorary Member of the WP Ethics in Chemistry)

Issue 2 (May 2022) (Content: News: Thematic Meetings 25.2. and 4.5.2022, Steering Board Meetings 25.3. and 8.4.2022; Case of (un)ethical chemistry: Prof. Zhang’s drug testing business; Essay: Ethical behavior in Chemistry: Bridging the knowledge-action gap (H.W. Steisslinger); Reading corner: International Ethics in Chemistry: Developing Common Values across Cultures (S.M. Schelble, K.M. Elkins); Profile: Prof. Dr. Erhard Meyer-Galow (Honorary Member of the WP Ethics in Chemistry))

Issue 1 (February 2022) (Content: News: Steering Board Meetings on 17.12.2021, 13.01.2022, and 28.01.2022; Case of (un)ethical chemistry: A case of data manipulation and ombuds committee bias; Essay: The Relevance of Ethics for the Chemical Professions (Jan Mehlich); Reading corner: Ethics in Chemistry (Schummer & Boersen), Good Chemistry (Mehlich); Profile: Prof. Dr. Hartmut Frank)


January 2024 – “Ethics in chemistry education” funding initiative of the German Chemical Industry Association (Fond der Chemischen Industrie im Verband der Chemischen Industrie e.V.)

The FCI funds projects that develop novel ways of integrating ethical aspects of chemistry into the curriculum of chemistry (science and engineering) in higher (tertiary) education. Information can be found here. Since the FCI is a German institution, the call text and the program are in German only.

November 3rd, 2023 – Thematic Meeting (online): Chemistry and Ethics – Theory and Practice

Hartmut Frank talks about the translation of the philosophical foundations of ethics into professional practice such as the chemical science and research context. He indicates that “a new paradigm in science teaching is to be developed, integrating scientific-intellectual-analytical and philosophical-ethical, and spiritual aspects“. One of the conclusions of the presentation and the subsequent vivid discussion is that “A higher level, stronger emphasis of international and interdisciplinary cooperation needs to be achieved“.

October 5th, 2023 – Ahmet Üzümcü’s speech at the “30th Anniversary of the Signature of the CWC” event in Berlin

Ahmet Üzümcü’s reflects on the responsibilities – including social and ethical ones – that come with leading an organisation like the OPCW. Read a transcript of his speech here.