EthiChem – A Newsletter

Since 2022, the WP Ethics in Chemistry publishes a bimonthly Newsletter. Please download the issues here:

Issue 2 (May 2022) (Content: News: Thematic Meetings 25.2. and 4.5.2022, Steering Board Meetings 25.3. and 8.4.2022; Case of (un)ethical chemistry: Prof. Zhang’s drug testing business; Essay: Ethical behavior in Chemistry: Bridging the knowledge-action gap (H.W. Steisslinger); Reading corner: International Ethics in Chemistry: Developing Common Values across Cultures (S.M. Schelble, K.M. Elkins); Profile: Prof. Dr. Erhard Meyer-Galow (Honorary Member of the WP Ethics in Chemistry))

Issue 1 (February 2022) (Content: News: Steering Board Meetings on 17.12.2021, 13.01.2022, and 28.01.2022; Case of (un)ethical chemistry: A case of data manipulation and ombuds committee bias; Essay: The Relevance of Ethics for the Chemical Professions (Jan Mehlich); Reading corner: Ethics in Chemistry (Schummer & Boersen), Good Chemistry (Mehlich); Profile: Prof. Dr. Hartmut Frank)


June 24th 2022: Thematic Meeting (online): Tackling transformation barriers towards ethical behavior in academia and business – A live interview with Prof. Dr. Erhard Meyer-Galow

May 4th 2022: Thematic Meeting (online): Ethics and the Evolution of Consciousness
Hans Steisslinger introduces the concept of spiral dynamics and the organisation development of consciousness through various memes. Applied to integrity and ethics, this approach may help enlightening, explaining, and changing motivations of professional conduct in research and business. The presentation inspired a lively discussion on the meaning of the concept for future WP activities. Minutes

April 8th 2022: Extended Steering Board Meeting (online)
The steering board, the advisors and honorary members recapped the thematic meeting and planned the next meeting, scheduled on May 4th. The organisation of a WP meeting at the ECC8 in Lisbon is brought on the way.

March 25th 2022: Steering Board Meeting (online)
The steering board discussed which steps to take with the outcome of the thematic meeting on a chemist’s oath. Options for the WP’s contribution to the ECC8 in Lisbon were explored.

February 25th 2022: Topical Meeting – The Pros and Cons of a Professional Ethos (‘Oath’) for Chemists
20 Members of the Working Party gathered to discuss whether and what kind of a professional ethos  would be effective in implementing ethical and responsible conduct of chemistry in academia and industry. Past approaches have been introduced and possibilities for future efforts have been explored. Manifold valuable input, especially from the experienced honorary members, was collected to inspire future activities of the WP. Find the minutes of the meeting here.