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Past Meetings

Topical Meeting – The Pros and Cons of a Professional Ethos (‘Oath’) for Chemists

Virtual Meeting of the Working Party on 25 February 2022

Ethical Issues related to Chemistry – Education, Research, Specific Applications

Programmatic Symposium of the EuChems WP Ethics in Chemistry, The Babeș-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, 7-8 October 2019

WP’s ‘Ethics in Chemistry’ Meeting

Minutes of the WP’s ‘Ethics in Chemistry’ Meeting at the 7th EuChemS Chemistry Congress at Liverpool (UK), 26-30 August 2018

WP’s ‘Ethics in Chemistry’ Symposium

Program and Minutes of the WP’s ‘Ethics in Chemistry’ Symposium that took place on 6/7 July 2017 at the Seat of the Italian Chemical Society, with Luigi Campanella as host.

Plenary Assembly

Constitutive session on the occasion of the 6th EuChemS Chemistry Congress, Sevilla (ES), FIBES–Conference Centre, 13 September 2016

Ethics in Chemistry

Programmatic Symposium of the EuChemS Working Party
Frankfurt/Main (Germany), Goethe Universität Frankfurt
25 – 27 September 2015

Ethics in Science – Chemistry and Ethics

4th EuChemS Chemistry Congress
Prague (Czech Republic), 29 Aug 2012

Ethics, Chemistry and Education for the Environment

3rd EuChemS Chemistry Congress
Nürnberg (Germany), 31 August 2010