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Past Meetings

May 26th 2023 – Thematic Meeting (online): Ethics and Sustainable Pharmacy – Some lessons learned (at the University of Freiburg)
Michael Müller (Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg) explains the role of systems thinking as the key difference between a technology-oriented green chemistry approach and a philosophy-based sustainable pharmacy approach.

February 24th 2023 – Thematic Meeting (online): Teaching Ethics in Chemistry – Latest efforts and developments
Luigi Campanella reports how he uses the Good Chemistry course material in his teaching efforts. Tom Boersen and Jan Mehlich inform about their project to develop a Responsible Chemistry course in a challenge-based learning fashion.

December 9th 2022 – Thematic Meeting (online): Chemists’ Contribution to the Sustainability Landscape
Peter Mahaffy (The King’s University, Edmonton) discusses the ethical responsibility of chemists in the context of sustainable development.

October 14th 2022Thematic Meeting (online): The Chemical Space
Guillermo Restrepo introduces his look at the history and contemporary development of chemistry practices and their impact.

August 30th – September 1st 2022 – The WP Ethics in Chemistry at the 8th European Chemistry Congress (ECC8) at Lisbon, Portugal:

  • Working Party Meeting
  • Panel discussion: Diversity and Inclusion in Chemistry (second section in this Chemistry in Europe Newsletter article)
  • Presentations by Guillermo Restrepo (“The chemical space and some ethical consequences of its uneven growth”) and Jan Mehlich (“Teaching Responsible Chemistry: A Challenge-Based Learning Framework for the Implementation of RRI Courses in Chemistry Education”)

2022, June 24th: Tackling transformation barriers towards ethical behavior in academia and business – A live interview with Prof. Dr. Erhard Meyer-Galow
Thematic Meeting (online) of the Working Party

2022, May 4th: Ethics and the Evolution of Consciousness
Thematic Meeting (online) of the Working Party (Minutes)

2022, February 22nd: The Pros and Cons of a Professional Ethos (‘Oath’) for Chemists
Thematic Meeting (online) of the Working Party (Minutes)

2019, October 7th/8th: Ethical Issues related to Chemistry – Education, Research, Specific Applications
Programmatic Symposium of the EuChems WP Ethics in Chemistry, The Babeș-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca, Romania

2018, August 26th-30th: WP’s ‘Ethics in Chemistry’ Meeting
Minutes of the WP’s ‘Ethics in Chemistry’ Meeting at the 7th EuChemS Chemistry Congress at Liverpool (UK)

2017, July 6th/7th: WP’s ‘Ethics in Chemistry’ Symposium
Program and Minutes of the WP’s ‘Ethics in Chemistry’ Symposium at the Seat of the Italian Chemical Society (host: Luigi Campanella)

2016, September 13th: Plenary Assembly
Constitutive session on the occasion of the 6th EuChemS Chemistry Congress, Sevilla (ES), FIBES–Conference Centre

2015, September 25th-27th: Ethics in Chemistry
Programmatic Symposium, Frankfurt/Main (Germany), Goethe Universität Frankfurt

2012, August 29th: Ethics in Science – Chemistry and Ethics
4th EuChemS Chemistry Congress, Prague (Czech Republic)

2010, August 31st: Ethics, Chemistry and Education for the Environment
3rd EuChemS Chemistry Congress, Nürnberg (Germany)