Canadian Glycomics Symposium, Edmonton, Canada, May 27-29 2024

We are excited to announce that the 7th Canadian Glycomics Symposium and the 10th Warren Workshop will be jointly held in Edmonton, AB in May 2024. Registration and Call for Abstracts opens December 15, 2023

SialoGlyco2024, Lille, France, June 4-7 2024

The biennial SialoGlyco2024 meeting 2024 provides a venue for around 150 international researchers to exchange ideas and explore the chemistry and biology of sialic acid. This meeting has been held around the world for 30 years including in Japan, USA, Australia, Taiwan and Scotland. It is being held for the second time in France and the very first time in Lille. SialoGlyco 2024 is organized by the Unité de Glycobiologie Structurale et Fonctionnelle, a long-standing internationally recognized research centre (since 1958) in the biology and chemistry of sugars. For decades, it participated to the development of the wet biological and chemical methods for the study of complex sugar. The plenary lectures will be given by renowned international experts in the chemistry, biochemistry and biology of sialic acids, while giving young researchers from the region and abroad the opportunity to showcase their research.

Mucins in Health and Disease, Gothenburg, Sweden, June 17-20, 2024

We are thrilled to announce that Mucins in Health and Disease, will take place on 17-20 June 2024 in Gothenburg, Sweden. The conference is a fantastic opportunity to share the latest research and discoveries in the field of mucins, covering topics such as their biochemistry, roles in health and disease, interactions with pathogens, and their potential as therapeutic targets. The conference will feature presentations from leading experts in the field and opportunities for networking with colleagues from around the world. The conference venue, Quality Hotel 11, is on the vibrant waterfront of Göta älv flowing through the city of Gothenburg known for its beautiful architecture, vibrant cultural scene, and breathtaking archipelago. The conference coincides with the Swedish Midsummer festivities on 21-22 June and conference attendees will have the chance to experience this truly Swedish tradition. We invite all researchers with an interest in mucins to join us in Gothenburg in June 2024 for an engaging and informative conference that is sure to advance our understanding of these fascinating molecules.

Division of Glycoscience Mini Symposia at 9th EuChemS Congress Dublin

The European Chemical Society – Division of Glycoscience officially launched in January ‘24. To mark the launch, a series of four mini symposia on Glycoscience will run during the 9th EuChemS Congress, July 7th-11th 2024.  The symposia will be held in collaboration with the Royal Society of Chemistry –  Carbohydrate Interest Group.

Mini symposia topics:

1: Monday 8th 10.00-11.30am: Advances in synthetic carbohydrate chemistry and catalysis

10:00-10:25 Eoghan McGarrigle (University College Dublin): “Catalysis in carbohydrate chemistry”

10:25-10:50 Gavin Miller (Keele University): “Synthesis of nucleosides”

10:50-11:30 Stefan Oscarson (University College Dublin): Haworth Award Lecture (title TBC)

2: Monday 8th 13.30-15.00am: Chemical glycobiology for human health

13:30-13:55 Paula Videra (NOVA School of Science and Technology, Lisbon): “Insights on the immunopathology of altered glycosylation”

13:55-14:20 Samy Cecioni (Université de Montréal): “Chemical strategies for the traceable capture of glycan-protein interactions”

14:20-14:35 Jonathan Dolan (Keele University): “Sweet targets: searching for GDP-mannpse dehydrogenase inhibitors”

14:35-15:00 Martin Fascione (University of York): “Chemical glycobiology tools for the study of ulosonic acids and other sugars”

3: Tuesday 9th 10.00-11.30am: Analytical and computational glycoscience for mapping human health and pathogenesis

10:00-10:25 Roisin O’Flaherty (Maynooth University): “Glycomedicine: Harnessing Glycosylation in Human Health and Disease”

10:25-10:50 Sean Austin (Nestlé): “Quantitative Determination of Human Milk Oligosaccharides”

10:50-11:05 Akash Satheesan (Maynooth University): “Characterisation of the host glycan specificity and recognition by Neisseria meningitadis type IV pili filament (T4P) as the first step in meningococcal infection”

11:05-11:30 Alison Parkin (University of York): “Harnessing glycofluoroforms for impedimetric biosensors”

4: Tuesday 9th 13.30-15.00am: Applied glycoscience for materials and sustainability

13:30-13:55 David Lim (Universität Bern): “Protecting-Group-Free Synthesis of Glycosides in Water”

13:55-14:20 Antoine Buchard (University of Bath): “The synthesis of monomers from renewable resources such as glycerol and sugars towards polymers non-petrochemicals sources”

14:20-14:35 Emanuella Fiandra (University of Durham): “Polyesters Based on Biosourced Diglyoxylic Acid Xylose as Soil-Release Polymers for Synthetic Fabric Surface Modification”

14:35-15:00 Stephen Dooley (Trinity College Dublin): “Carbohydrates, from Mechanism and Theory to Climate Sustainable Fuels”

We would like to thank Biosynth and Dextra (an ICE Pharma company) for sponsoring the event.

31st International Carbohydrate Symposium (ICS2024), July 14-19, 2024, Shanghai

The Organizing Committee cordially invites you to participate in the 31st International Carbohydrate Symposium (ICS2024), to be held in July 14-19, 2024, at Shanghai. The ICS2024 will follow the convention of the previous ICS symposiums, to provide a global forum for researchers engaging in all aspects of carbohydrates. Besides classical topics on carbohydrate chemistry, chemical glycobiology, and glycobiology, are highlighted the current developments of carbohydrates and glycotechnologies in the fields of diagnosis and therapy of diseases, nutrients and cosmetics, agriculture and biofuels, and materials. The ICS2024 will reflect the state-of-art as well as future trends of the glycosciences, and forge communications and corporations between glycoscientists from various areas and disciplines. 

5th Australasian Glycoscience Meeting, Wellington, New Zealand, August 27-30 2024

We’re excited to announce, and warmly invite you to 5th Australasian Glycoscience Meeting being held in Te Whanganui-a-Tara Wellington Aotearoa New Zealand at the beautiful waterfront location of the Wharewaka Function Centre, 27 – 30 August 2024. The theme for the symposium is “Chemistry meets Biology” and we aim to look at this exciting interface between the disciplines of glycochemistry and glycobiology – Bringing together researchers from various areas of Glycoscience to encourage and strengthen collaborations, pushing research forward for all.

FASEB Microbial Glycobiology Conference, Southbridge, Massachusetts, USA, Sept 8-12, 2024

FASEB Microbial Glycobiology Conference For over 25 years, this conference has brought together an outstanding group of well-established and emerging leaders, along with a diverse group of early-career scientists and students to discuss fundamental and mechanistic aspects of microbial glycobiology, with a strong commitment to apply that knowledge in areas including biomedicine, bioengineering, and biotechnology. This year’s sessions will provide a unique platform for scientists who study the role of glycans in host-microbe interactions, microbial survival, and pathogenesis. The scientific program is structured to bring researchers together to share their latest results (including unpublished data) that will advance the field. The major themes will specifically cover the significance of glycans in bacterial cell envelope biosynthesis and function, and their role of glycans in cell signaling. The program also includes discussion on host-pathogen interactions in health and disease, microbiome modulation, chemical glycobiology and glycoengineering, glycoimmunology, and glycoconjugate-based vaccine development.

16th Bratislava Symposium on Saccharides September 23-27, 2024, Slovakia

We cordially invite you to participate in the 16th Bratislava Symposium on Saccharides (16BSS). The Symposia have been regularly organized since 1978 by the Institute of Chemistry, Slovak Academy of Sciences. The scientific program of the 16th BSS will cover principal aspects of recent advances in the fields as Chemistry & Synthesis of Saccharides, Glycobiology & Glycomics, Glycans & Health, Glycoconjugates & Glycomaterials and Structure & Analyses. ESBOC