Chemistry in Europe newsletter: new year, new look!

Feb 25, 2021

Chemistry in Europe 2021 – 1

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In February 2021, the first issue of our quarterly newsletter Chemistry in Europe (CiE) 2021-1 has been released. It includes an editorial from Floris Rutjes, EuChemS President, policy and research updates, and various articles from EuChemS Member Societies and Professional Networks. We also interviewed EuChemS Vice-President, Pilar Goya, who was recently awarded the HonFRSC designation of the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC).

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‘Chemistry Talks’ – a new section for more chemistry

Following an initiative of the EuChemS Outreach Task Group, we are introducing a new section into the Chemistry in Europe (CiE) newsletter: ‘Chemistry Talks’. In this new section, we want to bring publications from across Europe under the spotlight of EuChemS’ readers and bring forward articles of interest which are originally published elsewhere.

The first contribution to the “Chemistry Talks’ new section is from Chemistry Views on the Chemistry Europe Fellows Award Ceremony.

We would like to invite all EuChemS member organisations to contact us and exchange with us their articles published in national journals (either in their native language or in English). With your cooperation, we can re-publish them in the CiE newsletter, thus making them available for a wider audience.

If you consider accepting this invitation or if you have some questions, get in touch via email!



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