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EuChemS Task Groups

Task groups are set by the Executive Board on a particular topic, usually of strategic importance. A task group is chaired by a member of the Executive Board and coordinated by the Secretary General.

Open task groups

  • Financial matters
    Chaired by Eckart Ruhl – Task group set up in 2020
  • EuChemS Periodic Table
    Chaired by Nicola Armaroli – Task group set up in 2020
  • EuChemS Outreach
    Chaired by Floris Rutjes – Task group set up in 2020
  • 50 years of EuChemS
    Chaired by Pilar Goya – Task group set up in 2019
  • Inclusion and diversity
    Chaired by Pilar Goya – Task group set up in 2019
  • Open Access
    Chaired by Kenneth Ruud – Task group set up in 2018

Closed task groups

List of the closed task groups

Name of the task group Chair (member of the Executive Board) Set up Closed
EuCheMS Events Helena Grennberg, Franco De Angelis 2012 2013
EuCheMS Constitution and Bylaws Ulrich Schubert 2012 2014
EuCheMS Member Societies Subscriptions Francesco De Angelis 2012 2014
EuCheMS Funds Raising Ehud Keinan 2012 2015
EuCheMS-FACS Ehud Keinan 2014 2015
EuCheMS-ECTN David Cole-Hamilton, Ulrich Schubert, Eckart Ruhl 2014 2015
EuCheMS European Chemistry Congresses Ulrich Schubert 2015 2015
EuCheMS Awards Saskia van der Vies 2015 2016
Vision and Staffing David Cole-Hamilton 2015 2017
EuCheMS income (funding) Francesco De Angelis 2015 2017
Interactions between Divisions and EuCheMS Secretariat Eckart Ruhl 2015 2017
Interactions between EuCheMS Secretariat and Member Societies Saskia van der Vies 2015 2017
EuCheMS Newsletters Upgrades Michael Droescher 2015 2017
EuCheMS Historical Landmarks Brigitte van Tiggelen 2015 2017
EuCheMS European Chemistry Congresses David Cole-Hamilton 2016 2017
EurChem Pavel Drašar 2016 2019
EuCheMS Supporting Membership Eckart Ruhl 2016 2020
Senior EuCheMS Network Pavel Drašar 2017 2017
EuCheMS Online Ethics Course Francesco De Angelis 2017 2017
EU-UK Negotiation Pilar Goya 2017 2020
International Year of the Periodic Table David Cole-Hamilton 2018 2019
EuCheMS European Chemistry Congresses Pilar Goya 2018 2019
Improved Integration of Professional Networks (PNs) into EuChemS Saskia van der Vies 2018 2020