2012 EuChemS General Assembly

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2012 EuChemS General Assembly – Dublin, Republic of Ireland

Prof. Ulrich Schubert, EuChemS President, chaired the 2012 EuChemS general assembly hosted by the Institute of Chemistry of Ireland on 11-12 October in Dublin, Ireland, with 70 participants from member societies and associated organisations.

Guests included Marinda Wu, President Elect of the ACS (American Chemical Society), Kazuyuki Tatsumi, President of IUPAC (International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry), Evangelia Varella, President of ECTNA (European Chemistry Thematic Network Association), Luisa Cifarelli, President of the European Physical Society and Gernot Klotz, Executive Director for Research and Innovation at CEFIC (European Chemical Industry Council).

Key policies developments activities with the emphasis on ‘Joining forces for Horizon2020’ were discussed along with the European needs of member societies.

Presentations GA 2012

  • Representing chemical and molecular sciences in Europe – Ulrich Schubert, President of EuChemS
  • Reports of divisions and working parties – Livia Sarkadi, Executive Board Member, Representative of Chairs of Divisions and Working Parties
  • Some key policy development activities – Nineta Hrastelj, EuChemS Secretary General
  • EYCN activity report – Cristina Todasca, Chairperson of EYCN
  • Advancing worldwide chemistry – Kazuyuki Tatsumi, President of IUPAC
  • A contribution to employability issues by the European Chemistry Thematic Network Association – Evangelia Varella, President of European Chemistry Thematic Network Association
  • Priorities for partnership – Helping chemists thrive in the global chemistry enterprise – Marinda Wu, President elect of the American Chemical Society
  • Combining forces for Horizon 2020 – Luisa Cifarelli, European Physical Society
  • Opportunities for chemistry – Gernot Klotz, Executive Director Cefic Research & Innovation