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2007: Neighbours and Territories: The Evolving Identity of Chemistry

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Chapters from the proceedings

Report from the conference

2006: History of the Food Chain

Aim: to bring together historically interested chemists working in the fields of food, agricultural and analytical, bio and environmental chemistry and historians of chemistry.

2005: Creating Networks in Chemistry

The book “Creating Networks in Chemistry: The Founding and Early History of Chemical Societies in Europe”, edited by Anita Kildebaek Nielsen and Sona Štrbánová (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2008), which originated from the workshop on chemical societies in connection with the 5th International Conference for the History of Chemistry in Estoril & Lisbon in 2005, has been published.

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2005: 5th International Conference on the History of Chemistry (5ICHC), Lisbon, Portugal

To recieve the proceedings for the 5ICHC, please contact Isabel Malaquais.

Email Dr. Isabel Malaquias

2003: 4th International Conference on the History of Chemistry (4ICHC), Budapest, Hungary

Theme “Communication in Chemistry in Europe, across borders and across generations – 34 papers were presented to about 80 participants.