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Please carefully read the following instructions before submitting your translation for the text in ‘Elemental Escapades!’, a EuChemS video game.

  1. We encourage you to download and play the game at least once, so as to be able to put the sentences that need to be translated into context (game available here:
  2. Download the Excel document that contains the sentences to be translated here: CLICK TO DOWNLOAD
  3. Download the Word document that contains additional sentences to be translated. CLICK TO DOWNLOAD
  4. Read the rules detailed below and then translate away!
  5. Fill in the form below and upload your translation.

Rules to follow when translating sentences in the Excel document:

  • Please don’t edit anything other than the box containing either dialogue or a character’s name (unless you have to break up a line as detailed below)
  • Please ensure that, as far as is possible, the translated lines are no longer than their English counterparts, this is to ensure they fit in the text boxes in the game. If necessary, lines can be broken up over new additional rows. If this needs to happen, please ensure the conversationNum, lineNum, speakerName and speakerNum fields are updated accordingly (the conventions they follow should be obvious)
  • Please ensure there are no commas in the document. Feel free to use an overabundance of exclamation marks, ellipsis’, full stops and so on.
  • As you will quickly notice, literal translations may not work – you may indeed have to think outside the box!


If you have any queries or issues, please contact: secretariat[at]

Elemental Escapades! Translations

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  • Max. file size: 100 MB.
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