Third issue of EuChemS Magazine Plus is released

Nov 16, 2023

On 16 November, the third issue of EuChemS Magazine Plus, an extended edition of the monthly EuChemS Magazine was published.

EuChemS Magazine Plus features a selection of articles and in-depth essays written by guest contributors from the European Chemistry Community. In our November issue, the Editorial by Floris Rutjes, discusses his years as the President of EuChemS, while his President’s Column describes EuChemS’ stance regarding PFAS Policy. In addition, you can learn about trust in science and countering misinformation in our two policy essays. You can also read summaries of our professional networks’ conferences over the summer as well as of our Annual Meetings in Cyprus, and perspectives the German Bunsen Society as well as from the Hungarian Chemical Society, and gather information about the 9th EuChemS Chemistry Congress, Furthermore, in our research segment, you can get to know an innovative chemistry e-learning tool and GDCh’s new global collaborations – as well as an interview with the 2023 EuChemS Lecture Award Recipient. Last but not least, you can also hear from our correspondents from C2W and ChemistryViews.

EuChemS Magazine is the monthly publication of EuChemS, summarising news about science policy and European Chemistry. However, every four months – three times a year – EuChemS Magazine Plus is published with more content from a wide range of authors.