EuChemS Magazine Launched

Jan 25, 2023

With the beginning of 2023, we established the brand new Serial Publication of the European Chemical Society, EuChemS Magazine, succeeding Chemistry in Europe and Brussels News Updates. You can read EuChemS Magazine here!

The new EuChemS Magazine is a fresh, modern publication, which contains the latest key briefings from EU science policy and breaking updates about EuChemS. Every three months, EuChemS Magazine Plus will also release (starting from this March), with more in depth analytical research policy and perspective articles, editorials and interviews. We invite all, in particular, member societies and professional networks to contribute to EuChemS Magazine Plus.

If you are subscribed to either of our previous newsletters, you don’t have to worry – your subscription is automatically transferred to EuChemS Magazine. If you are not yet, and you would like to receive subscribed we invite you to do so here!