The ‘2018 EuChemS Lecture Awardee’ video is now available

Dec 4, 2020

The European Chemical Society, EuChemS, organised the 2018 EuChemS Lecture Awardee Webinar on Friday 13 November, from 10:00 to 11:30 CET. During this event, Raffaella Buonsanti, EuChemS 2018 Lecturer, gave a talk on “Colloidal chemistry for tunable nanocrystals as CO2 conversion catalysts”.

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– Welcome by Pilar Goya, EuChemS President: 0:01
– Introduction and Laudation by Barbara Ruth Albert, Chair of the International Award Committee for the EuChemS Lecture Award: 2:50
– Colloidal chemistry for tunable nanocrystals as CO2 conversion catalysts, Raffaella Buonsanti, 2018 EuChemS Lecture Awardee: 7:13
– Q&A Session 1: 45:18
– Award Certificate to Raffaella Buonsanti by Pilar Goya: 49:20
– Introduction of next speakers by Raffaella Buonsanti: 50:18
– Insights into reaction intermediates via in-situ X-Ray spectroscopy to predict synthetic pathways for shape-controlled Cu nanocrystals, Valeria Mantella, PhD Student at EPFL: 51:17
– Nanocrystals as precursors in solid state reactions for size- and shape-controlled polyelemental nanomaterials, Chethana J Gadiyar, PhD Student at EPFL: 1:01:26
– Q&A Session 2: 1:11:52
– Closing remarks by Pilar Goya 1:17:55

Watch the event here!

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