Second issue of EuChemS Magazine Plus is released

Jul 17, 2023

On 17 July, the second issue of EuChemS Magazine Plus, and extended edition of the monthly EuChemS Magazine was published.

EuChemS Magazine Plus features a selection of articles and in-depth essays written by guest contributors from the European Chemistry Community. In our July issue, the Editorial by Sabine L Flitsch, as well as Floris Rutjes’ President’s Column discusses Awards that can incentivise great chemistry. In addition, you can read about the history of chemistry, in articles about the ICHC13 as well as the Historical Landmark Award in Giessen, Germany, or you can learn how the frontiers of AI research could affect chemistry from interviews, and summary articles – and more! Members of the RSC, GDCh and representatives of international chemistry publications C2W and ChemistryViews are amongst the contributors for this issue.

EuChemS Magazine is the monthly publication of EuChemS, summarising news about science policy and European Chemistry. However, every four months – three times a year – EuChemS Magazine Plus is published with more content from a wide range of authors.