EuChemS’ response the public consultation on the forthcoming repeal of the Mercury Regulation

Apr 6, 2021

The European Chemical Society, EuChemS, has recently answered to the Public Consultation on Mercury – review of law of the European Commission.

In its answer, EuChems expresses its support to the implementation of further restrictions with regards to Mercury regulation in Europe. We insisted on their relevance with both the European Green Deal and the European Sustainable Chemicals Strategy’s objectives. Furthermore, these new restrictions are in accordance with the European Water Directive’ provisions, as well as the UN’s SDGs.

In addition, EuChemS highlighted the beneficial impact this new regulation would have on the Artisanal and Small-scale Gold Mines (ASGMs) workers in developing countries. As it has been already underlined in the EuChemS’ response to the Public Consultation on the Ratification by the EU of the Minamata Convention on Mercury, EuChemS reminded that the complete phasing-down objective could not be reached at present – more research is still needed to find appropriate alternatives to Hg in specific fields of activity.

EuChemS also encourages the enhancement of international cooperation in scientific research for efficient and sustainable solutions.

You can read EuChemS’ complete response here. The EuChemS response was prepared by Maxine Boi, Laura Jousset and Nineta Hrastelj.

About the Public Consultation on Mercury – review of law

Anticipating the upcoming Minamata Convention ratification, the European Commission is preparing for a repeal on its Mercury Regulation.

The Mercury phasing-down process has moved some steps ahead since the previous regulation (implemented in 2017). The European Commission believes it is now time for further restrictions. The aim is to ensure that the European Union meets the 2030 deadline for a complete elimination of Mercury use from the EU soil/market.

Read more about it on the website of the European Commission here.