A New Award – EuChemS Historical Landmarks

Sep 5, 2017

EuChemS would like to bring to your attention its newest award, the EuChemS Historical Landmarks, whose call for nominations is now open.

Chemistry is an integral part of the Cultural Heritage of Europe. However, while there are many touristic signs marking the very place where important intellectual developments or events happened, only a few chemical sites are identified and publicized. Most of the existing programmes are run by national chemical societies, and therefore often overlook the European, and even the international dimension, of the chemical sciences.

For these reasons, EuChemS decided to set up a Historical Landmarks Programme. It will reinforce the sense of belonging of European chemists and remind them that as far as the history of chemistry goes, people and ideas alike have circulated, been shared and shaped through meeting s and communication. It would also bring to the general public some sense of how chemistry is part of the general cultural heritage and history of every European citizen, especially as the plaques are accompanied with communication materials providing information on the discoveries and breakthroughs celebrated, and the impact they had.

The call for nominations for the EuChemS Historical Landmarks is now open and submissions can be done through this online system until 30 April 2018.