EuChemS General Assembly Meetings – Register Now!

Jul 11, 2016

EuChemS 2016 General Assembly will take place in 10 – 11 September 2016, at the Seville Chamber of Commerce, Sevilla, Spain, and will be followed by a meeting of the Chairs of EuChemS Professional Networks, and a meeting of EuChemS Executive Board, at the ECC6 Venue, in Sevilla, Spain.

Registration and further details for these meetings (General Assembly, Chairs of Professional Networks, Executive Board) can be found here. Please note that the deadline for registration is 25 July 2016.

This General Assembly meeting will be kindly hosted by our four Member Societies from Spain – Asociación Nacional de Químicos de España (ANQUE), Real Sociedad Española de Química, Sociedad Española de Química Analítica (SEQA), and Societat Catalana de Química.