EuChemS at the Circular Economy Mission to South Africa

May 15, 2017

Following previous related missions to other countries, the Circular Economy Mission to South Africa (CEMSA) of the European Commission (EC) took place on 2 – 5 May 2017. By invitation of the EC, EuChemS participated in this mission represented by the Chair of the Division of Chemistry and the Environment Dr. Santiago Luis. Led by the EC’s Director-general for Environment, Mr. Daniel Calleja, this mission included around 40 representatives from European institutions, National and International agencies, associations and leading companies in different sectors of relevance for circular economy. The CEMSA visited Johannesburg, Pretoria and Durban, were the World Economic Forum on Africa 2017 was running in parallel. In the contacts with South African representatives of the Environment, Industry and Research Departments, with business representatives and with social associations, the focus was given to the reuse and valorization of waste, with especial emphasis on the need of looking for circular economy solutions specific to the African context and problems as well as involving the creation of jobs and poverty alleviation.