Next Formula conference

FORMULA XII will take place in Sofia, Bulgaria from 16 to 18 June 2025. More information will be shown very soon.

Formula Conferences

These conferences aim to advance our knowledge and share new ideas in the field of product formulation. This is a very wide field, highly multidisciplinary, with much interest from both academia and industry, since advances in formulation often lead to great impact in daily life.

Formula Conferences cover all aspects in Formulation Sciences and Technologies, from the most theoretical to the most applied aspects, and having in mind that scientific discoveries and technical innovation are the driving forces to offer breaking new products to the market, satisfying customer needs that are continuously evolving.

The first Formula Conferences were created and organized by the French Chemical Society (SCF). Later, Formula Conferences expanded and became larger events, with the incorporation of various European Societies, namely the British Formulation Group of the Royal Society of Chemistry (FSTG/RSC), the German Society of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology (DECHEMA, Germany), Scandinavia Chemical Organizations (SP Chemistry) and the Spanish Group of Colloids and Interfaces of the Royal Societies of Chemistry and Physics (GECI/RSEQ-RSEF). Moreover, several companies also joined the organization, ensuring a truly and deep dialogue between industry and academia.

Past Formula conferences

  • Formula I. Nice (France), 1987.
  • Formula II. Toulouse (France), 1990.
  • Formula III. La Grande Motte (France), 2001.
  • Formula IV. London (United Kingdom), 2005.
  • Formula V. Potsdam (Germany), 2007.
  • Formula VI. Stockholm (Sweden), 2010.
  • Formula VII. Mulhouse (France), 2013.
  • Formula VIII. Barcelona (Spain), 2016.
  • Formula IX. Beijing (China), 2017.
  • Formula X. Manchester (United Kindgom), 2019.
  • Formula XI. Lille (France), 2023.