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Working Party on History of Chemistry

Past conferences (2021)

Heritage and History of Chemistry : WPHC Online Event, May 20th 2021

It is our pleasure to share with all of you the video of the webinar, as well as a short report.

We are thankful to the speakers for the excellent talks presented, as well as to the public for their questions and comments.

Hopefully, this event will open new avenues of collaborative projects which can be discussed in future meetings such as the 13th ICHC (Vilnius 2023).

Past conferences (1991-2019)

Other Dates Venue Title
Satellite symposium to XXI Mendeleev Congress 10-13 September 2019 Saint Petersburg State University International Symposium «Celebrating D.I. Mendeleev’s Periodic System. A Historical Perspective»

Symposium website: https://hystsymposium.wordpress.com/


ICHC Dates Venue Title
12ICHC 29 July-2 Aug 2019 Maastricht, The Nederlands 12th International Conference on History of Chemistry

(12ICHC Report)

11ICHC 29 Aug-2 Sept 2017 Trondheim, Norway 11th International Conference on History of Chemistry

(11ICHC report)

(Articles on and from the 11ICHC in the Norwegian chemistry journal Kjemi – in English and Norwegian)

6th EuChemS congress
 11–15 Sept 2016  Sevilla, Spain  John Dalton 250th Anniversary Symposium: Chemistry meets history
10ICHC 9–12 Sept 2015 Aveiro, Portugal Chemical Biography in the 21st Century

(10ICHC report)

9ICHC 21–24 Aug 2013 Uppsala, Sweden Chemistry in Material Culture
8ICHC 14–16 Sept 2011 Rostock, Germany Pathways of knowledge
7ICHC 2–5 Aug 2009 Sopron, Hungary Consumers and Experts: The Uses of Chemistry (and Alchemy)
6ICHC 28 Aug–1 Sept 2007 Leuven, Belgium Neighbours and Territories – The Evolving Identity of Chemistry


Other 31 Aug–3 Sept 2006 Gödöllö, Hungary History of the Food Chain
1st EuChemS Congress 27–31 Aug 2006 Budapest, Hungary Chemistry – Past, Present and Future
5ICHC 6–10 Sept 2005 Lisbon-Estoril, Portugal Chemistry, Technology and Society
4ICHC 3–7 Sept 2003 Budapest, Hungary Communication in Chemistry in Europe, across Borders and across Generations
3ICHC 2–4 July 1999 Budapest, Hungary 3rd International Conference on the History of Chemistry and Chemical Industry
Other 1997 Liège, Belgium History of Science Congress
2ICHC 15–19 Aug 1995 Eger, Hungary 2nd International Conference on the History of Chemistry and Chemical Industry
1ICHC 12–17 Aug 1991 Veszprém, Hungary Mineral Contor International Conference on the History of Chemistry and Chemical Industry