Cannizzaro, Stanislao

Cannizzaro, Stanislao (1826-1910)


Cannizzaro, Stanislao

19th Century
Born: Palermo (Italy), 1826 
Died: Rome (Italy), 1910

Cannizzaro was professor of physics and chemistry in Alessandria (1851), he was later professor of chemistry in Genua (1855), Palermo, (1861) and Rome (1871). He conducted research on natural compounds like santonin, the synthesis of cyanamide and the disproportionation of aldehydes (Cannizarro´s reaction, 1853). At the international congress in Karlsruhe (1860) he successfully defended Avogadro’s hypothesis. 

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Italian chemist and ardent nationalist who successfully lobbied for the acceptance of Avogadro’s Hypothesis at the Karlsruhe Conference of 1860, which had been called to resolve current problems in chemistry and was attended by 140 of the greatest chemists in Europe.