Vauquelin, Louis Nicolas

Vauquelin, Louis Nicolas (1763-1829)


Vauquelin, Louis Nicolas (1763-1829)

18th Century
Born: Hébertôt (France), 1763 
Died: Hébertôt (France), 1829

Vauquelin studied pharmacy in Rouen and in Paris (with Fourcroy). He became professor at the Ecole Polytechnique (Paris), the Collège de France (1801), the Special School for Pharmacy (1804-1811), the Jardin des Plantes (1811-1823) and at the Medical Faculty of the Sorbonne. He discovered beryllium (1789) and osmium (1804). In 1806 he isolated the first amino acid "asparagine".

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Born at Saint-André d’Hebertot, Normandy, 16 May, 1763; died 14 Nov., 1829.