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EuChemS and ACS have combined the experience of both associations to jointly organise a EuChemS-ACS Employment Survey for Chemists and Chemical Engineers in 2020. The results of this survey, coordinated by Prof. Reiner Salzer, shall provide important clues for careers in a global job market.

The freely available report for the 1st Employment Survey for European Chemists (ESEC1; DOI: 10.1002/chem.201501364) was extremely well received. This demonstrates the importance of the collected data. The report for ESEC2 is under preparation.

Why is EuChemS approaching you already?

EuChemS wants to launch the survey during a time slot in 2020, which suits most Member Societies, as to maximise overall number of responses received, as well as per country. High numbers of responses have always been achieved by societies, who

  • avoided parallel surveys in a particular time window and who
  • approached their members directly and individually.

With this email we therefore kindly ask you to propose a time window for the 2020 EuChemS-ACS Employment Survey for Chemists and Chemical Engineers.

The survey shall be open for one full month.

In order to collect your input, please enter your preferences for time windows for the survey below.

Deadline for providing your input is 31st March 2018.

We hope again for active participation by all EuChemS Member Societies and Organisations, including their individual members from academia, research, industry and others. Given the fact that career opportunities vary very much between countries, it is essential to collect a statistically significant number of responses for every country.

We are looking forward to our collaboration on this European project, with a joint and comparative dimension with the ACS, and thank you for your support.

EuChemS Secretariat