Calls open for 4 EuChemS Awards

Sep 1, 2021

The following calls for nominations for EuChemS Awards are now open:

You are kindly invited to make nominations through the online form by Friday 31 December 2021, 18:00 CET.

Please read carefully the nomination procedure for each award before submitting a nomination.

Each year, EuChemS celebrates the major achievements of a junior scientist working in chemistry.
Everything you need to know about the EuChemS Lecture Award and how to submit is available HERE.

EuChemS Award for Service aims to acknowledge the outstanding commitment of an individual to fostering chemistry in Europe, as well as to the goals of EuChemS.
If you know somebody who has made a difference for Chemistry in Europe you are invited to submit your nomination HERE.

The EuChemS Historical Landmarks Award, which aims to celebrate the important link between history, cultural heritage and chemistry, is open for submission.
Find out more about the Award and enter your submission HERE.

The Members of the International Award Committee for the European Chemistry Gold Medal (IACM) review the nominations for the European Chemistry Gold Medal, rank the nominees and report to the EuChemS Executive Board.
You are invited to submit a nomination for the IACM members HERE.