Boosted funds for research and innovation needed at the heart of the future FP9: EuChemS responds to public consultation

Mar 9, 2018

In light of the upcoming European Commission (EC) proposals for the next generation of financial programmes for the post-2020 Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF), EuChemS has responded to the public consultation on EU funds in the area of investment, research & innovations (R&I), SMEs and single market, and has published a position paper laying out in more detail our vision for the way forward in the future Framework Programme 9 (FP9).

Our proposals concerning the structure of FP9 are aimed at protecting excellence and innovation in Europe and of highlighting available tools to overcome the different societal, environmental, demographic, and economic difficulties that Europe will face in the coming years. In addition to proposals for mechanisms for FP9, EuChemS has defined a total of eight Missions that should be established in key areas.

Amongst others, EuChemS proposes Missions on ‘Sustainable Low Carbon Energy For All’, ‘Forming a fit-for purpose Food landscape’, ‘Enabling Our Ageing Population’ and ‘Averting an Antimicrobial Resistance Apocalypse’. These vital Missions highlight what we, as the voice of Chemical Sciences in Europe, perceive as some of the global challenges that Europe faces today and will face tomorrow. A Multiannual Financial Framework and an FP9 that recognise the potential of scientific research and innovation, as well as the role this provides in job creation, will be essential in tackling societal, environmental and economic challenges in Europe.

You can read our position paper here, and our answer to the consultation here.