Edessa Cannabis Factory Museum, Greece

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The Edessa Cannabis Factory Museum will be awarded the EuChemS Historical Landmarks Award in recognition of its role in fostering a deep link between chemistry and local cultural heritage. The Edessa Cannabis Factory Museum is located in the center of Edessa, a city in northern Greece (Central Macedonia region of Greece) and the capital of the Pella regional unit.

In the modern period, Edessa was one of Greece’s industrial centers until the middle of the 20th century, with many textile factories operating in the city and its immediate vicinity. The Edessa Cannabis Factory Museum used to be a standard industrial unit, making ropes and twine from Indian hemp. It was the largest of the 4 Cannabis Stores in Greece in production and facilities. The only cannabis factory is located in Edessa, with its old, well-preserved machinery, preserved, to remind anyone who crosses its gates of this unknown past of Greece. It is highly maintained, both building and machinery, and is part of the city’s outdoor industrial water museum. Today, the buildings and the surrounding area of the old Cannabourg have been used as a cultural, educational and recreational area. An industrial museum was created for the history of hydromotor and cultural events.