Artur Silva elected to the EuChemS Executive Board

Oct 13, 2020

Artur Silva, from the Portuguese Chemical Society (SPQ), was re-elected to the EuChemS Executive Board during the 2020 General Assembly that was held online on 24 September. His second-term starts on 1 January 2021.

Meet Artur Silva

Artur M. S. Silva is a full professor of chemistry at the University of Aveiro and President of the Portuguese Chemical Society (SPQ) since July/2016.

He served, among others, as Vice-President of the Portuguese Chemical Society (2013-2016), twice terms as Vice-president and other two as President of the Organic Chemistry Division of SPQ (among others).

He was the chairman of the Chemistry Department, University of Aveiro, for six years, and currently is the President of the Council of the University of Aveiro Doctoral School and the Director of the Chemistry MSc and PhD programs of the University of Aveiro and also Vice-president of a joint Doctoral Program in Sustainable Chemistry of the Universities of Aveiro, Porto and New of Lisbon.

He studied chemistry at the University of Aveiro (Portugal), where he graduated in chemistry physics for teaching in 1987. In 1993 he received his Ph.D. in chemistry at Aveiro University. He began his independent career at Aveiro University as an Assistant Professor in 1994. He was appointed to Associate Professor with tenure in 1998 and Full Professor in 2001. He has published over 510 papers (h index of 40) and 28 book chapters and deliver more than 45 lectures. He supervised more than 20 Ph.D. students, 30 MSc students, 10 Post-doctoral fellows and a great number of research fellows. His research interests range over the chemistry of polyphenolic and nitrogen heterocyclic compounds, with special emphasis on the development of new synthetic routes and also on organocatalytic and metal-catalyzed transformations. However, the second line of his research is centered on the isolation and structural characterization of natural products from diverse terrestrial and marine sources.

– Artur Silva’s CV