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2020 EuChemS General Assembly

The 2020 EuChemS General Assembly meeting took place online on Thursday, 24 September 2020.

This was the first-ever EuChemS General Assembly meeting, which was held online, including the voting. The meeting was chaired by Pilar Goya, EuChemS President, who presented the highlights of the European Chemical Society in the last twelve months. Her presentation included, amongst other updates on what is new at EuChemS, EuChemS’ 50th anniversary initiatives, policy work, projects, communications… Her presentation was followed by updates on the financial matters given by Eckart Rühl, EuChemS Treasurer. Presentations are available for download below. Another peak of the General Assembly meeting were the elections for three elected members of the EuChemS Executive Board. Congratulations for being elected go to Renáta Oriňaková (her first term as an elected member) and to Christophe Copéret and Artur Silva, who were both re-elected for a second term. Their mandate starts on 1 January 2021.

Pilar Goya, who chaired her last General Assembly in her capacity as the President of EuChemS, was warmly thanked by Floris Rutjes, EuChemS Vice-President, and Nineta Hrastelj, EuChemS Secretary-General, for her work during her mandate (2018 – 2020).

EuChemS warmly thanks every attendee who participated in the 2020 General Assembly. The EuChemS Secretariat has carefully prepared the first-ever online EuChemS General Assembly meeting, and we are happy that it was made a success, thanks to the active participation and collaboration of all the participants from the EuChemS Member Societies and Supporting Members during the meeting.

Presentations GA 2020

2020 EuChemS Professional Networks meeting

The current pandemic requested us to hold the 2020 annual meeting of EuChemS Professional Networks (PNs) online but opened the door for more to attend and not only the Chairs. Overall, the meeting, chaired by Pilar Goya, EuChemS President, was attended by over 40 participants, having all Divisions, Working Parties, and EYCN represented by at least one member. The meeting agenda covered many topics, amongst other the highlights of EuChemS, updates on financial matters, the involvement of (former) EYCN into Divisions and Working Parties (PNs), outreach, and elections for two newly appointed representatives of PNs at the EuChemS Executive Board. These two positions will be taken by Slavica Ražić (Chair of the Division of Analytical Chemistry – DAC) and Péter Szalay (Chair of the Division of Computational and Theoretical Chemistry – DCTC) and are a subject of approval by the Executive Board.

This was the last PNs meeting chaired by Pilar Goya in her capacity as the EuChemS President.

EuChemS warmly thanks every attendee who participated in the 2020 annual PNs meeting, prepared by the EuChemS Secretariat, and greatly appreciates the active participation and collaboration of all PNs during the meeting and throughout the year. It was great to receive so much positive and encouraging feedback after the meeting. This calls for considering having two meetings per year: one online, one (hopefully) physical.