2011 EuChemS General Assembly

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2011 EuChemS General Assembly – Beograd, Serbia

Presentations GA 2011

  • EuChemS review 2011
    Luis Oro, President, EuChemS
  • European Young Chemist Network
    Viviana Fluxa, EYCN chair
  • Chemistry and the European Research Council
    Jose Labastida, Head of Department, European Research Council Executive Agency
  • Horizon 2020
    Rudolf Strohmeier, Deputy Director General, Research Programmes, European Commission
  • EuChemS policy development
    Nineta Hrastelj, Secretary General, EuChemS
  • EuChemS Roadmap Chemistry: Developing solutions in a changing world
    Ulrich Schubert, EuChemS President Elect
  • Serbian Chemical Society
    Ivanka Popović, President
  • Federation of Asian Chemical Societies
    Long Lu, Editor of Publications
  • American Chemical Society
    Nancy B. Jackson, President
  • European Chemistry Thematic Network Association
    Anthony K. Smith, EC2E2N coordinator
  • European Federation of Managerial staff in the Chemical and Allied Industries
    Stefan Ladeburg, General Secretary
  • European Federation for Medicinal Chemistry
    Gerhard Ecker, President
  • European Chemical Industry Council
    Antonia Morales Peres
  • Division of Analytical Chemistry
    Slavica Ražić
  • Division of Chemical Education
    Mariann Holmberg, Chair
  • Division of Chemistry and the Environment
    Walter Giger, Chair
  • Division of Chemistry in Life Sciences
    Henryk Kozlowski, Chair
  • Division of Food Chemistry
    Livia Simon Sarkadi, Chair
  • Division of Inorganic Chemistry
    Michele Aresta, Chair
  • Division on Physical Chemistry
    Eckart Rühl, Chair
  • Division of Organometallic Chemistry
    Helena Grennberg, Chair
  • Division of Computational Chemistry
    Antonia Laganà
  • Working party on Green and Sustainable Chemistry
    Piero Tundo, Chair
  • Working part on Chemistry and Energy
    Nicola Armaroli, Chair